Connections Between Discord And Atlantis

Eris Discord

The goddess Eris was most famous for having caused the events that would eventually lead up to the Trojan War. The Apple of Discord that she had rolled into the midst of the goddesses had the word “Kallisti” inscribed on it. Kallisti means “to the fairest” or “for the prettiest”, in ancient Greek. Its etymology is a Greek indicative of particularly feminine beauty. It’s subsequently the ancient name of the famous European system of isles called Santorini. Santorini is notoriously known for its attractive qualities to tourist, having a vivid nightlife, great food and lots of opportunities for spa treatment, historical attractions and cultural entertainment venues.

However, possibly a little less known, is that many geologically inclined historians have theorized that Santorini, or ancient Kallisti was also the location of the legendary city of Atlantis. According to these scientists, the massive volcanic eruption that occurred around 1623 B.C., was back when Santorini was actually one entire island. The eruption caused the island to basically shatter completely, and this built the grounds for the theory that Atlantis was one of the cities lost to the waves. The details of Atlantis according to the descriptions of philosophers match many details of archaeological discoveries. The walls, for example, of Atlantis, Plato had said, did shine like silver; the walls uncovered in the digs there were constructed of a type of crystalline mineral called gypsum and it can shimmer in the sunlight. Like Atlantis, the city was uncovered also had highly advanced techniques of architectural construction. Some believe that the volcanic eruption on the island was probably the most massive in all recorded history.

The effects of this volcano stretched not only over the island, causing many cities to collapse along with the hypothetical Atlantis, but into the Mediterranean area as well. The documentary film maker Simcha Jacobovici claimed in his film that the eruption was the cause of all the Biblical plagues in Egypt, which sets the eruption ahead to instead, about 1500 B.C. Despite the excellent argument he makes, his theory is a bit flimsy, and has been susceptible to the skepticism of many scientific historians.