Discord/Eris’s Influences In Popular Culture

Eris Discord

Aside from the bizarre faith of the Principia Discordia, Eris has influenced both modern and historical fiction, as well as other mediums of multimedia. According to some, Sleeping Beauty was partially inspired by Eris’s role in the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. The wicked fairy was obviously a reference to Eris, –the fairy gives an unwelcome gift to the child because they neglected to send her an invitation, as Peleus and Thetis did the same to Eris.

Eris is generally a popular figure in cartoons. She was a main bad guy in one episode of “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy”; a show on Cartoon Network. In the show she’s illustrated to look just like Madonna, and causes chaos by giving the main characters the “The Golden Apple of Chaos and Discord”, which is basically just an attempt to make the actual Apple of Discord’s title sound more researchable to small children. Eris is also in the movie “Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas” as the main antagonist as well, and despite the all-star voice cast, the movie failed miserably.

Eris played a main character in Wonder Woman as well, with other sibling deities trying to turn Gotham into a Greek nightmare by possessing some of the more notorious bad guys, like Joker, and Scarecrow. Eris also inspired the parody goddess Errata, the “goddess of misunderstandings”, in the Discworld game inspired by Terry Pratchett;s series of books. In the Saint Seiya film, Eris once again plays the role of the evil-doer, seeking to destroy and upheave the world of organization, oder, etc., by kidnapping the goddess Athena, and sucking out her life force in order to gain full strength once more. In the Hercules television series, Eris is instead called “Strife” and is once again, a main antagonit among the many other gods Hercules struggles against. However, instead, the role is played by a male. This may or may not be in reference to the mythological statement that Eris had a son that she also named Strife.