The Apple Of Discord

Apple of Discord

The Apple of Discord was a little gift bestowed upon the wedding attendees at the marriage celebration of Peleus and Thetis by Eris. When Peleus and Thetis celebrated their wedding, they invited all of the gods and goddesses, except for Eris, because she was known to be such a troublemaker. Peleus and Thetis, though enduring a forced marriage, would eventually become the parents of Achilles, and all of the Olympian gods were at the wedding. When Eris saw that she had been excluded from the celebration, even though it must have been kind of a downer anyway, she still got totally P.O.’d. But Eris of course knew what kind of people she was dealing with. So she rolled a little golden apple into the party, with “Kallisti” inscribed on it. Kallisti means “for the most beautiful one” or “to the fairest.” A bunch of Greek goddesses in a group? Naturally, there must have been a scuffle.

When all the she-bitches finally stopped finally, they decided they had to pick a judge for who the most beautiful was out of all of them. Naturally, this person is basically standing behind the fan, and waiting for someone to toss the bucket of crap. So Zeus, up for watching a good fight just as much as anybody, chooses Paris, the Prince of Troy. The three goddesses each attempted to bribe Paris; Hera offered him more political capability, Athena offered him skills of prowess, and Aphrodite offered him the most beautiful woman in the world; Helen, who was unfortunately already married to the king of Sparta; and as one knows, Sparta is not the place you want to start a fight with. Well, a man is a man, after all, and because Aphrodite is probably the most attractive anyway, Paris chose her and was awarded with the stolen bride Helen.

Eris was the cause of the Trojan war, more than Helen was, really, despite the reference to her beauty, and her having, “the face that launched a thousand ships.” Paris not only doomed his kingdom but starting a war with an area of Greece that is still known today for their prowess as soldiers, but also invited the wrath of the goddesses he did not choose. Both Hera and Athena weren’t exactly on the Trojans side during the war. Now, when someone refers to the “Apple of Discord”, it basically means the core of an argument. The phrase is used mostly by the Germans and the Dutch instead, and instead of literally calling it “Apfel der Zwietracht” or Apple of Discord, they instead call it either Twistappel, in Dutch “Strife-apple”, in German it’s Zankapfel, or “Quarrel-apple” and rarely Erisapfel.