Whether it’s a Discord server dedicated to the work of a certain content creator or a community that gathers around a particular topic, these server owners take their time to facilitate conversation, connection, and creativity in their environments. Now, it’s time to support them back. 

Starting today, we’re expanding the availability of Server Subscriptions, allowing creators on Discord to earn money directly within their server. Creators and community leaders will be able to offer subscription plans in exchange for unique roles, perks, and benefits. 

And like the best features on Discord, it’s totally up to creators and community leaders on how they utilize it: from pricing to offerings, server owners can set up their Server Subscriptions how they like while taking home 90% of the money they earn after applicable deductions.

Unsure of how Server Subscriptions can benefit your existing or soon-to-be-started Discord server? Our new Creator Portal helps you take your community to new heights; enjoy lessons, find inspiration and launch your Server Subscription with ease.

You’ll even be able to share your server subscription offerings outside of your Discord community! Promo pages allow you to create a sharable webpage to promote all your Server Subscription has to offer, even outside of Discord, and they’re rolling out starting today.

Today, Server Subscription Eligibility Expands Across the US 

Over the last year, we’ve been testing a new way for creators and community leaders to make money directly on Discord by providing exclusive experiences, available only for their paying subscribers. 

We’re excited to share that beginning today, Server Subscriptions is making its official debut, and all existing servers on Discord that meet the minimum requirements can now monetize their server. Subscriptions can range from $2.99 - $199.99 in price. Within the settings tab of your server, under the Monetization category simply enable Server Subscriptions to begin creating your subscriber offerings.

To enable Server Subscriptions, your server needs to meet the following requirements:

  • The server owner must be based in the United States
  • Your server has a good standing with Discord, meaning no recent Terms of Service or Community Guideline violations
  • You must agree to our updated Monetization Terms and Server Subscriptions Policy

Looking for some inspiration on how to implement your own Server Subscriptions like the ones above? We have just the example for you! Bella Poarch is using Server Subscriptions to give her members three extra tiers of goodness:

  • Tier 1 (priced at $2.99 a month) includes an exclusive monthly video and unlocks access to features in her server, like creating public threads.
  • Tier 2 (priced at $4.99 a month) gives subscribers exclusive voting rights on polls and early access to future merch drops, plus everything from tier one!
  • Tier 3 (priced at $9.99 a month) grants access to never-before-seen behind the scenes content and all of the amazing perks from the previous two tiers. 

If you are interested in learning more about what Bella is offering, you can check out her Promo Page here.

A preview of Marques Brownlee’s Promo Page.
As another example, check out Marques Brownlee's page!

Hit the Ground Running and Learn with the Creator Portal

With all these new possibilities, what could YOU offer in your Server Subscription? Our brand new Creator Portal has you covered.  

The Creator Portal is your one-stop shop for all things creators on Discord. Similar to the Discord Moderator Academy and the Community Portal, the Creator Portal is an expansive resource tailor-made for creators or communities on Discord that want to establish a paid subscription tier in their servers. 

Enjoy Lightning Lessons taught by fellow creators Marques Brownlee, HannahxxRose, and ChefPK. Get inspired with creator case studies, or get personalized recommendations on what to read up on next by taking our Creator Academy quiz (no studying needed beforehand)! 

Along with interactive resources and case studies, the Creator Portal offers dozens of articles you can read up on, about all of the fun and fresh features provided by implementing Server Subscriptions to your server, including how to get started with Promo Pages!

A preview of the Creator Portal, which is available to view at "discord.com/creators".

Create Your Subscription Offerings Now

So… ready to start up your Server Subscriptions? You’ll find the option to enable Server Subscriptions in Server Settings > Server Subscriptions, under the Monetization category. Or, if you already have a Discord server, you can click here to get started. We can’t wait to see creators and communities establish their subscriber offerings and grow their communities thanks to the additional income and support.  

If you are a creator or manager looking to stay in the know on all things Discord Creators, be sure to fill out this form to stay updated. Now, get studyin’ in the Creator Portal! You’ll always find us on Twitter if you have any ideas or comments.