This feature is rolling out now to everyone!

Look, we’re gonna level with you: this one is huge. We don’t have time for the usual inspiring introduction, so we’re gonna cut to the chase: 

You can now connect to Discord Voice chats from your Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles and talk directly with your friends on Discord using the Xbox mobile app. 

Planning a few rounds of Big Team Battle in Halo Infinite with buddies on both console and PC? Exploring new biomes with your friends in Minecraft, or see them playing a game that supports cross-play? Join their Voice channel and gather players from Xbox, PC, and mobile all into one Voice chat. 

Discord started as a way to bring people together around games, no matter what platform they use. Voice on Xbox has been something that Discord users around the world have been asking for, and we’re stoked to bring it to everyone with the help of our friends at Xbox.

So: how does it work?

First, Connect Your Xbox Account to Discord

In order to start talking with your Discord friends on Xbox, you’ll need to connect your Xbox account to your Discord account. If you’ve connected your Xbox and Discord accounts before, you’ll need to connect them again to grant the new permissions needed to access Voice on your Xbox console.

You’ll find the option to connect your accounts in User Settings > Connections on desktop, web, or mobile. Select the Xbox logo within the Connections menu and follow the prompts to get all set up! 

Image of Xbox account linking within the User Settings menu of Discord. A handful of account permission requirements are shown for Discord Voice on Xbox that requires approval to function. Below this list is a blurple “Authorize and Continue” button.
The updated authorization screen, including granting the power to connect to Voice.

Connecting your Xbox and Discord accounts lets you display your gamertag, current game activity, and how long you’ve been playing that game in your user profile. And now, you’ll also be able to Voice chat with your friends on Discord directly from your console. 

Looking to get a head start and speed through the account connection process? Use this snazzy Blurple button below and Discord will open up your Connections tab:

Next, Transfer Your Discord Voice Call to Xbox 

Discord Voice chat on Xbox works by transferring your Voice call from Discord to your Xbox. To do this, you’ll need the Xbox mobile app installed on your mobile device and your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One console needs to be linked to the Xbox mobile app, so make sure you have it downloaded! The Xbox mobile app is available on the same platforms as the Discord mobile app: iOS and Android. 

First, hop in a Voice channel you’d like to talk in using Discord on either mobile or desktop, just as you normally would. From here, you’ll see a new option to transfer the call to your Xbox.

Three images demonstrating using Discord voice on Xbox. Discord shows a “Join on Xbox” button in a call, and picking it brings you to the Xbox app to pick which console to talk on. Once picked, Discord shows “Connected on Xbox" under your Voice call.
Follow the process and you’ll be talking to your Discord friends on your Xbox console in no time! 

Start the Transfer process, and the Xbox mobile app will automatically open up and let you know it’s ready to connect your Xbox to the Discord voice channel. Finally, in the Xbox mobile app, hit confirm. Now you’re good to go! Now, plug in a headset of your choice to your Xbox and you’re chattin’ away. 

A screenshot of the Xbox dashboard. Wumpus, Graggle, Phibi and Mallow are talking in a Discord call on Xbox while playing Minecraft Dungeons. In-game, the four are crossing a bridge over lava.
Work together to defeat the Arch-Illager in Minecraft Dungeons with your friends on PC and Xbox while everyone’s talking in a Discord Voice channel or DM!

In other words: find a conversation you want to bring to your Xbox using Discord, hit Transfer to Xbox, and you’re good to go! Transferring Voice calls to Xbox supports Voice channels within servers, Direct Messages, and Group DMs.

For full details on the voice chat transfer process, head on over to our Help Center article

It’s Time to Jump In: Discord Voice on Xbox Is Available Now

We’re so excited to be bringing support for Discord Voice chat on Xbox consoles in partnership with our friends over at Xbox. We look forward to continuing our partnership to create even deeper, more meaningful experiences for your friends and communities. Who knows what the future holds! Besides more video games, obviously.

Which Xbox games will you be hopping into with your Discord communities? Let us know how the integration’s working for you on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, or whichever platforms you like!