2016 has been a big year for Discord. We grew from a little hangout to a place that 25 million people use to play games with their friends. We also found a CRT on the sidewalk so we could play Melee without lag. Big year for us.

Time doesn’t stop though and neither does our desire to keep building Discord into the sun. To get there, our engineers are back in the lab cooking us up some tasty things for 2017.

The marketing team staged a heist and stole this heavy and slightly wet top secret folder from their lab. We barely made it out of there with the treasure in tow. Let’s take a look inside…

Note that everything you see here is subject to change. Except Search, that’s pretty much done.


With search, you’ll be able to browse through history using numerous qualifiers. You can even combine these qualifiers to narrow searches down.

Trying to search for a specific YouTube video your friend DumplingButter posted in #memejabs sometime in November before the 19th? We got you.

Trying to develop a hobby game in Unity and need some level design inspiration? Check it:

As you can see, the search results will populate the right side column. You can browse them, expand them to see context, and even jump to them in the main chat to get full context. All of this runs super smooth like triple-filtered coconut oil (which is a great aftershave by the way).

Anyway, search is really, really close. Some of you may even magically have it in your app before it’s officially live while we iron out the last bits.

Screen Share and Video Chat

You read that correctly. Screen share and video chat are who am I kidding you don’t care about these words you’re already staring at the pictures. Just keep looking.

Video Chat

With Text Chat

Full Screen

Each person in the group can decide to share their screen or their video camera feed. If only one person is screen sharing, that feed will default to the main view. Otherwise, whoever’s talking will take priority. You’ll also be able to select who you want to view by clicking on their feed. These behaviors should be pretty familiar to other screen sharing platforms.

But of course, we’re gonna juice this up with some secret sauce of our own. You’ll have to wait and see, though ~mystery~

Audit Log

Wanna know who kicked BigBootieTootie2? Wait, what was the topic changed to? WHO GAVE BRIAN THE BAD LUCK ROLE!?!?

Audit logs will show a record of all administrative action to those who have access to server settings.

You can also filter by action and user to drill down to whatever it is you’re snooping for in the logs. Here are the events you’ll find:

  • Server edits
  • Channel creation, update, and deletion
  • Role create, update, deletion
  • Kicks and bans (with reasons)
  • Nickname update

“Discord you have a new haircut!” Yea our server settings are getting a revamp too. They’ll be full-screen, and super hot. I’ll save the full picture for your imagination though ;).

Channel Categories

Note that this is the least developed feature here. Very subject to change.

Did you know that people like to type to each other on the internet? And they like to do it in an organized fashion?

To calm these crazy folk down, we’re adding the ability to organize both your voice and text channels into collapsible categories. The “Play Testing” and “Music” categories in the image below are currently collapsed. This allows server owners to better organize their channels and it allows server members more focus on what they care about.

A Discord server that has its channels in categories.

You can also apply permissions at a channel category level, which will apply to any channels in that category. Efficient!

Well, that’s quite the smorgasbord lined up for you guys in early 2017. We’re stoked to show these off and I hope you’re as hype as we are to actually use them in the soon™ future. Soonture. New word. Nevermind I hate it.

As always, please let us know what you think about our features (not my horrible jokes please spare me) by dropping a tweet to @discordapp or dispatching an email to support@discordapp.com.

We look forward to providing you with the worst memes and the best gaming communication experience possible in 2017.