Keep playing together

Create a place that makes it easy to stay in touch and remain close on and off the Rift with Discord. It’s where your League of Legends friends can talk, play together, and hang out.

A dedicated place

It’s your space. Talk and hang out with your League friends before, during, and after games.

Simple streaming

Easily stream and watch gameplay together. Our low-latency stream tech has minimal game impact.

Clearer comms

Noise filtration tech when you need it. Krisp AI technology filters out anything that isn't a human voice, like keyboard clacking.

Set up your server before champ select is done.

Fast and easy. All it takes is a couple of clicks.
Step 1
Download the Discord app.
Step 2
Use this template to create a pre-made Discord server in just a couple of clicks.
Step 3
Invite your club members to your server with a simple link so everyone stays in contact.

Already have your group’s server set up?

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Channel following FAQ guide

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