Your profile is the first place people learn about you on Discord. It’s where you tell the world who you are, what your interests may be, and how you present yourself to others.

In the past, you may have even added a snazzy avatar decoration to top off your personal profile… but they always went away after a certain period of time. The decorative flair had become a part of our Discord persona… why did it have to leave our side?!

So what are you announcing, Discord?,” you may ask. “What are you SAYING???”

We’re saying this: Now, when you collect an avatar decoration, you get to keep it. For good.

Starting today, Nitro members can enjoy early access to the Shop, full of stylish decorations that you can buy to add some good ol’ razzle-dazzle to your Discord profile.

When you purchase an item from the Shop, it gets added to your collection permanently. Use it whenever you want, for any occasion, for good — it won't leave your side.

As a special treat for our Nitro members, we’re providing three bonus avatar decorations they can collect and use while they have an active membership — keep reading to see what these bonus avatar decorations look like!

How will you be able to shop for and use your new decoration? Read on to see how it’ll all work.

How to Shop for Profile Customizations

During this early access period, Nitro members will be able to browse and make purchases in the Shop. Those without Nitro will still be able to browse the Shop, but they won’t be able to make a purchase until the Shop opens its doors for everyone.

Anyone can peruse the store shelves by heading into User Settings > Profiles. On this page, you’ll see a shiny new button that reads “Go to Shop.” Use that to visit the Shop, where Nitro members can purchase any of the currently available profile customizations.

A demonstration of the shop in action. A user is scrolling through the “Fantasy” section of the shop, and getting a closer inspection of the “Magical Potion” avatar decoration.

So what’s in the Shop? Right now, it’s a whooole lot of new avatar decorations and profile effects (wow what are THOSE??? Take a peek here). At the time of publishing, the Shop’s shelves are stocked up with five unique collections:

  • Fantasy: Bring your sword and shield to any server you adventure into. 
  • Anime: Senpai’s in the server!!! Quick, put on your Nervous or In-Love decoration.
  • Breakfast: What’d ya eat this morning? Wear a donut, toast or pancakes to relay this important answer to your friends. 
  • Halloween: What’re ya buyin’, stranger? Why, a frightening decoration, perhaps?
  • Fall: Bring the warm feelings of orange leaves and pumpkin spice lattes wherever you are. 

Slide a latte next to your icon to let others know you woke up wayyyy before them, or wear an anime-themed decoration to let your friends know you’re binging the latest season of your absolute favorite show (pairs well with linking your Crunchyroll profile to Discord!).

Once your eye spots the decoration of your dreams, you can preview it. Try it on, see how it looks (trick question, you look lovely today). If you like something, consider buying it for keeps; your new decorations will get added to your collection so you can rock your favorite styles for any occasion.

It’s like shopping for clothes, except no one is following you around the store with questions like “have you found what you’re looking for,” and “why not get these jeans as well?”

How to Wear Your Decorations

After you’ve purchased your new favorite decoration, you gotta put it on! What’s the point of buying nice shoes if you aren’t gonna wear them —looking at you, sneakerheads.

Your purchased decorations can be equipped in User Settings > Profiles > Change Decoration. Pick your look for today, and hit Apply! Easy peasy.

Your chosen customization will be shown on every profile you have across Discord, including on any unique Server Profiles you’ve set up. In addition, Avatar Decorations also show up on your icon in text chat! Keep this in mind if you’re actively using Nitro’s Server Profiles perk to express yourself in unique ways across different communities.

A user on Discord picking between a handful of Avatar Decorations to equip and use.

Wanna know more? Decorate your browser with a new tab named “Avatar Decorations Support Article.” It’s both sporty and helpful, like your favorite fanny pack! 

If Avatar Decorations bring a bit of pop to your profile, we’ve got something that’ll really bring some POW: introducing Profile Effects!

Now, your entire profile can be engrossed in a gorgeous flourish that fits your personality. All your friends will go “ooooh, aaaah” the next time they want to learn aalllll about you on your profile. And honestly, you’re so cool that they were gonna do that anyways.

Profile Effects are available to buy and collect in the Shop alongside Avatar Decorations. To put on your effect, hop on over to User Settings > Profiles and you’ll find a new option to “Change Effect.” You can even wear both an Avatar Decoration and Profile Effect at the same time! Mix-and-match the two and bring out the TRUE you.

All the current collections now have Profile Effects to go with them, including a new selection of Fall and Halloween-themed decorations and effects. Take a peek at the Shop again to see what’s newly in stock! Learn all the finer details at our Profile Effects support article.

Make Space in Your Wardrobe — More Styles Are Coming 

This is only the beginning of what types of decorations and profile effects will be available — rest assured, we’re already hard at work designing even more fun and charming styles to choose from.

We know how fun and important it is for you to be able to add pizzazz to your profile. After all, we love customizing our own profiles as well! We’ve got dozens of robo-hamsters running around the clock, working on exciting developments here at Discord Labs, so keep an eye out.

Display your new look for friends, family, and that one server where you can be super weird. Or just send it to us on X, Instagram, or TikTok. That’s fine too.