Create a place where your club or organization can get together to meet, organize, and hang out. Discord makes it easy to stay in touch and talk throughout the year.

How college communities use Discord

Getting started on Discord is easy. Conversations can happen via text, voice, and video — all in one place.

One app for all your group needs

Messaging, video calling, screen share and community management, all in one place.
Stay together while remote
Jump into messaging, screen share, and video chat. Members can see who’s online, instantly pop in to talk, or just hang out through the day.
Improve member communication
Your server is organized into topic-based channels that keep meetings, resources, official chat, and social conversations in one place.
Your club, your rules
Set up private channels for leadership, categorize members into roles, moderate your space, and more.
Powerful and easy to use
Customize notifications, give presenters the spotlight, and let new members stop by with no sign-in required.

200+ colleges and universities are on Discord

Create a home where members can talk, feel welcome, and build relationships.
The UT Dallas Discord serves as a hub for students to connect together, chat, game, and even participate in events! I wanted to create a place where students could make friends digitally, find study-buddies, and even meetup with each other. Discord allows us achieve that with our server having over 3,000+ members in it no problemo!
— Eric Aaberg
The University of Texas at Dallas
Discord has been an invaluable tool in growing our organization. It lets our members stay active and connected. From casual matches to our largest events, Discord has the tools to facilitate organized and easy communication with any number of participants. Discord lets us keep playing chess together!
— Rutgers University Chess Club
New Jersey
Discord gave me the opportunity to grow my student club in a virtual environment. What started off as a small dream to create a student club led to a community of almost a hundred students, faculty, and community members. The roles and moderation tools that Discord provides allows me to make connections with my peers in a safe, academic centered space.
— Sarah Kanga Livingstone
Humboldt State University Zoology Club

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