Today, we’re highlighting some amazing AI-powered apps from our creative Discord Developer community.

You might be asking: Why celebrate a tool like AI? We believe in its value in aiding hanging out and having fun with friends. On Discord, rather than just going solo with an app, you can supercharge your conversations and share the experience of seeing what sorts of exciting, wild and sometimes silly results come from prompts. 

When friends are on Discord together to hang out, play games, or study, they often use apps to give their servers a more personal touch. Just like a treehouse, after you build your server and invite your friends, you decorate it and make it your own, based on hobbies, interests, and topics you care about.

AI-powered apps have made their homes in nearly three million Discord servers, ranging from AI companions, to groups generating gaming assets with AI and AI-based learning communities. More than 30 million people already use AI apps on Discord every month!  Whether you’re generating a shiny new avatar or putting into words something you can’t quite figure out on your own, there’s a lot to explore and we love seeing how people are using our platform to discover what’s possible together.

Let's dive into some popular AI apps on Discord:

Kickstart the Conversation in Any Language

On Discord, you can use AI to shake up your conversation with friends – catch up on the latest or learn a language together.


No one likes the age-old, open-ended question of: “How has your day been?” Where do you even begin? Will your friends also share how their days have been? And how do you even jumpstart the conversation? 

Why, with a freshly-brewed Cappuccino of course! Cappuccino is an app that prompts everyone with one specific question to answer. Their answers are called “beans,” and once everyone answers the question, these beans are brewed together using the latest language models into a written summary just for your community, called a “Cappuccino!”  

A demonstration of the Cappuccino app for Discord. Two screenshots are shown, the first is the Cappuccino app in the process of “brewing” a Cappuccino. The second is the app completing its task, and the Cappuccino is ready for viewing. 

So how’ve you bean? Just brew up a Cappuccino with your friends to find out. 


Memrise is a way to learn to hold conversations in a new language, without leaving your Discord server. Their mobile app is one of the most popular language learning tools in the world, with more than 65 million users. Memrise takes a non-traditional approach to language learning: rather than focusing on teaching you the grammar and syntax of a language, Memrise focuses on teaching you to have conversations in a new language. 

 preview of the Memrise app for Discord. Multiple community members in a Discord server are learning languages using the app, with users holding multiple conversations within different Threads. A preview of the App’s profile page on a smartphone is also shown. 

Their Discord app is a new way to make this approach to learning a new language even more accessible and more fun: it features a GPT-powered AI chatbot that presents you with exciting challenges. You might find yourself persuading a car salesman to give you a great deal or convincing a barista to treat you to a free coffee. 

The app gives you tips and hints if you are stuck, helping you to learn the best replies, and corrects you if you make mistakes. Earn points for completing challenges, with bonus points for accuracy and creativity in your answers. 

Prompt Your Creativity

Overall, our users have created more than a billion unique images through AI apps on Discord, and this is just the start! Check out these image generators and editors to let your creativity fly:


Midjourney is a text to image AI where imagination is the only limit. With the power to transform written descriptions into vibrant visual representations, users can unlock limitless creative possibilities. As one of Discord’s largest communities, already embraced by over 16 million users worldwide, Midjourney empowers individuals to bring their ideas to life, whether it's designing avatars or creating wholly unique images for their creative aspirations. 

A preview of the Midjourney app for Discord. A user has promoted “a celebratory discord blog post with confetti and fun cakes,” generating four images of colorful blurple cakes and confetti shooting out from behind them.

The app instantly generates a set of images and provides four artistic interpretations based on the text prompt input by users. From there, users can select one of those variations and Midjourney will create four more - and so on. Once you have your favorite unique, refined image, you can upscale it and save it to use or even blend it with other images you have. You can hop into the official Midjourney server to use the app there, or add the app to your own Discord server to use among your friends!

AI Image Generator 

This one’s a bit self-explanatory, but here’s the scoop on its backstory. The AI Image Generator app for Discord was developed in late 2022 with one purpose: to generate custom images based on user prompts. At that time, there was a huuuge surge of news about new AI technology, but most of the services you may have seen talked about back then were beyond the reach of individuals without expensive hardware. 

A preview of the AI Image Generator app. A user has requested the app to upscale a small image of a dog, and AI Image Generator has provided a very fluffy puppy as a result. They look very soft. 

The creators of the AI Image Generator app wanted to provide an opportunity for everyone to have fun and experiment with AI by offering unlimited image generation for free. The app offers a wide range of settings, including custom resolutions, the ability to fine-tune the number of iterations an image goes through, and even the option to request multiple images at a time. AI Image Generator also has the capability to upscale an image you really like the result of to higher resolutions. 

AI Image Generator leverages slash commands and big ol’ buttons to help you and your friends interact with the app more seamlessly and enjoy a smoother overall experience. 

AI Bot 

Yep, it’s just called AI Bot. Why just AI Bot? Because there’s nothing bot-ter.

AI Bot offers a wide variety of entertaining features, with one of its key functionalities being image generation powers using technologies such as Dall-E Mini, Stable Diffusion, and Anime Diffusion (you heard that right, Anime Diffusion). Server members can generate unique and entertaining images by simply using the “/image” command and describing what they want to come to life. 

A preview of AI Bot. A user has promoted an image of “a space vehicle in the shape of an alien spaceship flying in the air and looking at the planet,” and the bot has generated their request.

AI Bot also features a chatbot that can be set up in specific channels or summoned using a slash command. The app’s chatbot uses natural language processing algorithms to engage in conversations with users, providing an entertaining, dynamic, and natural experience. A story option is also in the works, which will let users generate fascinating and creative stories with the help of AI again. Perhaps your newly-generated samurai shoebill needs a backstory? Let AI Bot help you out. 


Discord Nitro members may remember Picsart: we’ve previously run a Nitro promo with them to help members utilize their web-based design tools, so they’ve already got a reputation for bringing easy-to-use creative tools to the masses. 

A preview of the Picsart app for Discord. A user has requested “dog surfing waves wearing a party hat,” and the Picsart app has generated four possible variations to choose from. All four dogs are looking at the viewer, happy and smiling as they surf along the coastline. 

Picsart is on a mission to empower the creator in everyone, and their photo and video editing app for Discord offers Picsart integration directly to your server. Their app provides access to their most popular AI-powered tools, including an AI Image Generator, Cartoon Effects, a Sticker Maker (quite handy to fill up your server’s sticker slots), and Style Transfer. 

Joining the official Picsart server via app’s Directory page offers access to exclusive visual content and perks, and allows subscribers to participate in design challenges. 

Apps are the heart and soul of Discord, providing endless possibilities for customization, entertainment, and community engagement. With over 500,000 community-developed apps at your fingertips, you can truly take your server to the next level and make it an even more unique and exciting space. 

Let's continue pushing the boundaries of AI on Discord and create even more magical experiences, together.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and innovations on our platform — and share some of your generated masterpieces with us, would ya?

<3 Your friends at Discord