Here are the Discord updates from December 13, 2023. You can also find the most recent updates in the Discord app under Settings > What's New.

’Tis the season for gifting Nitro — or items from the Shop!

  • Add a lovely note to your next Nitro gift. Choose from a selection of virtual greeting cards to go with your Nitro gift. Or, grab a Nitro gift card on Amazon (U.S. only). No tape or scissors needed, and no risk of papercuts.
  • The Shop is open to @everyone! Spruce up your profile with items from the Shop, freshly stocked with new Monster and Winter-themed collections. And now, you can gift stuff from the Shop!

Apps, Activities, and awards

  • Level up your tourneys with server Apps. News flash: we like video games. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you do too. Buff your competitive gaming with friends with four server Apps we curated on our blog.
  • New games added to Activities. We worked with the teams behind “Colonist” and “Krunker Strike FRVR” to bring their games to Discord. Hop into any voice chat to try them out.
  • Congrats to all the winners of The Game Awards! To say it’s been an incredible year for gaming is a huge understatement. Discord sponsored this year’s Best Multiplayer Game category at The Game Awards (congrats, Baldur's Gate 3!) and premiered a medieval music video.

Your creativity knows no bounds

  • Developers pitched some inspiring ideas. For our first ever Discord App Pitches fest, devs told us their ideas of apps they want to build for Discord, and five ideas received thousands of dollars in funding. Learn more about App Pitches and the winners on our blog.
  • Created something you’re proud of? Sell it on your server! Creators running a Community Server can sell all sorts of digital goods and perks in a dedicated Server Shop. Offer things like Server Subscriptions, downloadable files and videos, and even individual roles.

Housekeeping and safekeeping

  • Discord now supports Latin American Spanish. You no longer have to settle for “Spanish” (wrong) or “Brazilian Portuguese” (definitely wrong). Find the new option in User Settings > Language. 
  • Strengthen your account with a Security Key. Your conversations and memories are worth protecting. Safeguard them by requiring a Security Key to log in to your Discord account. It’s one of the strongest ways to keep your account safe.