There’s always something new coming for Nitro subscribers, and that doesn’t just mean features and perks to flex on Discord. It also means giving you stuff to talk about — like access to over 100 games for PC, Xbox, and mobile devices.

  • As of today, Discord Nitro users can get hooked up with 2 full, free months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In addition to a buffet of high-quality titles through the Game Pass itself, you’ll have access to features including Xbox Gold, in-game perks for select titles, and cloud gaming services that’ll let you explore the catalog on any supported device, anywhere. 
  • But that’s not the end of our deal! If you’ve got friends already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, let ‘em know this promotion runs both ways: they’ve now got access to 3 full months of Discord Nitro. 

(tl;dr: free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Nitro users; free Nitro for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users)

How do you get in on this deal? Like this:

Got Discord Nitro -> Want Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Like we said: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is your gateway to tons of great games (including day one Xbox Game Studios releases), perks, and features such as cloud gaming and exclusive member discounts. 

  • If you’re subscribed to Nitro, all you have to do is go to the Settings > Gift Inventory in Discord and click the link to get your code, then redeem it with Microsoft. As long as you’re new to Xbox Game Pass and in a supported region, you’ll be able to cash that in for two full months of Ultimate (a $30 value!).
  • Not subscribed to Nitro yet? Head over to discord.com/nitro to get started. Find step by step redemption instructions and more info about this deal in our Help Center.

Got Xbox Game Pass Ultimate -> Want Free Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is a suite of sweet enhancements for voice, text, and video chatting on Discord. Members enjoy perks like custom emojis and profile banners, server boosts, the ability to set different avatars for every server they’re in, bigger upload caps, and HD video. It’s kind of a big deal.

  • If you’re a Game Pass Ultimate user who’s never tried Nitro before, you can go to the perks page to get your code for 3 free months of Discord Nitro (also a $30 value!). Not new to Nitro? Share your code with a friend! They can put a note thanking you in their swanky new custom profile banner.
  • Feeling lost? Don't worry, you can find step by step redemption instructions here.

In Conclusion

Discord Nitro is very good. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is very good. If you know anybody who has yet to try one or both of these very good things, let ‘em know their chance has arrived!

Need a hand or got questions? Check our Help Center article for more info.