Since Server Subscriptions first launched in December, thousands of creators have started earning on Discord, offering unique perks and benefits which help engage and grow their communities. To date, we've paid out millions of dollars to thousands of creators and communities, and we're seeing more creators and communities earning on their Discord servers every day. 

For creators and communities who haven’t tried out these features yet, we’ve heard your feedback: you want more ideas on what to offer, more tools to add value to your subscriptions, and the ability to sell different types of products on Discord.   

Today, we’re excited to share new tools that help you get started earning money faster. Over the next few months, you’ll be able to create more value for your existing Server Subscriptions and utilize entirely new ways to earn money on Discord with one-time purchases.

Offer More Value Quickly with New Server Subscription Features

If you’re a content creator looking to level up your Server Subscriptions offering, consider checking out the Media Channels Beta. Media Channels are a new media-first channel type in Beta that enables you to pamper your subscribers like never before, and will start rolling out today to all Community servers with Server Subscriptions enabled.

Use a Media Channel added to a Server Subscription tier to give your subscribers lavish insider content, such as early access to your latest behind the scenes content drops, bonus pics, and the cherry on top: exclusive memes and wallpapers!

Don’t forget to share your exclusive Media Channel posts to other public channels in your server, that way non-subscribers will learn about your snazzy sub-only Media Channels and consider subscribing to your server! 

Two examples of a piece of content shared within a new Media Channel. One image shows a blurred preview of the content, with a message saying “Subscribe to View” shown over the blurred image and the other image is visible showing Wumpus in their room. 

Host intimate subscriber-only streams as a high value item for your community. Recently, we announced the addition of Video, Screen Sharing and Text in Voice in Stage Channels and we’re already seeing communities offering a range of unique and intimate video streaming experiences for their Server Subscriptions, such as coaching sessions, Q&A’s, or intimate weekly game streams. If you’re offering perks to your subscribers, it’s a good idea to ask your community for feedback from time to time to learn of their interests and customize your offerings accordingly. (They’re the ones paying, after all!)

With Tier Templates, getting started with Server Subscriptions has never been easier. Simply browse and select a template that best aligns with your desired price point, perk offerings and goals. After selecting a template, you can customize it to fit your community’s unique needs. Then, click to launch your paid tier subscription!

Check out our templates below! 

  • Supporter ($3.99) - Get started quickly with a basic offering and a low price point. Generate a little extra money to put back into making your community even better by offering exclusive emotes and subscriber only channels.   
  • Supporter + ($4.99) - An entry-level tier, easy to offer for a wide range of creators (mostly leverages built-in Discord features) and a low price point for subscribers.
  • Super Supporter ($9.99) - An upper-level tier, for all types of creators  offering a mix of built-in Discord features and custom perks and benefits.
  • Early Access Pass ($7.99) - For content creators interested in offering early access, content exclusives, or behind-the-scenes footage for their supporters who want more content. Pair this with a Media channel to go super powered. 
An animated GIF showing an example of someone choosing between different Tier Templates. 

Still on the fence about launching Server Subscriptions for your community? Gain some inspiration from these stories about a few successful creators and communities that are earning with their Discord server. 

Remember: Not every opportunity to generate revenue needs to become a get-rich-quick scheme. Some communities use their monetization offerings to reinvest back into their server by releasing new content, running more events, and providing memorable experiences for @everyone that are made possible by the income contributed by their most dedicated members.  

One example of this is Woohoojin, who’s created a chaotic yet charitable community in Club Banana. Check ‘em out below!

If you already have a Discord server, you can click here to get started with Server Subscriptions. New to Discord? You’ll find the option to enable Server Subscriptions in Server Settings > Server Subscriptions, under the Monetization category.

New Ways to Earn on Discord Are On The Way: Server Shop, Downloadables and Premium Roles

And sneak peek! Creators have expressed their desire to earn money on Discord in ways that go beyond recurring subscriptions. Over the coming months, we’ll begin experimenting with ways for server owners to sell digital products (like a recipe e-book, gaming guide or digital wallpaper) as a one-time purchase with Downloadables.

Currently available as part of Server Subscriptions, Premium Roles will soon be purchasable either standalone or bundled with your chosen Downloadables for a one-time purchase. With Premium Roles, creators can offer exclusive access with every purchase. Creators can make role-gate channels and perks, allowing customers to connect with each other and get support for their purchases. 

With all of these additional ways to earn on Discord, we’re also testing Server Shop, a single home for server owners to sell Server Subscriptions, Downloadables and Premium Roles. 

A preview of the Server Shop feature. This example shop includes mini-coures, filters and wallpaper sets for one-time purchases sold directly within Discord.Image

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about new ways creators can open up shop and build a business from the comfort of their Discord server — join our waitlist and be notified as soon as these products become available to you.