Playing games with your friends is what Discord’s all about. It’s not just us saying that… every month, people on Discord play a collective 1.5 billion hours across 60,000 unique games. And of those 60,000 games, VALORANT stands out among the 5 most-played games on the platform. 

We also know that Discord is the place for anyone who plays games to show off what they’re into, and what better place to show that off than on your Discord profile! Whether you’re deep into the competitive scene or a certain character from something you played recently speaks to you, someone’s Discord profile speaks a thousand words about ‘em — and that’s not including the words they wrote in their bio.  

The Shop launched last September to help express who you are even better. Along with your avatar and bio, the Shop lets you build a digital wardrobe of different looks for your profile, bringing more Anime, Fantasy, and even Cyberpunk aesthetics to your Discord looks, and put the final touches on your presentation.

But ever since the launch, we've heard from many of you that you want GAMING styles. Today, we’re super excited to bring you our limited-time VALORANT collection: a new set of Avatar Decorations and Profile Effects featuring fan-favorite Agents Jett, Reyna, and Omen. Joining them is the newest Agent revealed this week: Clove. (Yes, we have items featuring them, too!)

With Episode 8 Act 2 of VALORANT in full swing, we figured it’d be a great opportunity to work with our friends at Riot Games and combine two things people love to do on Discord: playing VALORANT and making your Discord profile perfectly express who you are. 

An animated preview of the new VALORANT Shop collection. It displays items based on Clove and Omen.

While you’re here, check out the slick trailer showcasing VALORANT’s newest Agent we mentioned, Clove. Clove uses their gift of immortality to get the upper hand on their enemies, providing cover from beyond the grave or springing back into action to clutch a round.

This VALORANT Collection is available until May 7th, so make sure you grab what you like before it disappears in the smoke. Never explored the Shop before? It’s easy to get there, so follow along if you’d like some backup!

How Can I See the VALORANT Collection?

If “Shop” in the context of Discord is completely new to you, no worries — it’s just as quick as purchasing your equipment at the beginning of a round of VALORANT.

The next time you open up the desktop or web app, you’ll see a Shop tab right as you open it. Click that, and you’ll head straight to the Shop.

From there, it’s up to you! Preview what a particular avatar decoration or profile effect looks like on your profile by clicking on it. If you purchase it, you can use it in your profile even after the VALORANT collection leaves the Shop.

Tie it all together with a matching avatar to set up a killer profile combo to impress your friends and style on your rivals. If you’ve got Nitro, you can also pair your new VALORANT items with a profile banner and profile colors, and even use your decorations on a per-server basis!

The VALORANT collection will be available in the Shop until May 7th, so grab whichever one calls to you while you can — no need to queue up with a squad before entering the Shop.

If you’ve never played VALORANT, what’re ya waitin’ for?! It’s available to download on Windows PCs, so head on over to the official site and give it a shot. It might end up being your newest obsession — there’s a reason why it’s in the top 5 most-played games on Discord.