Update: This feature is now available on all Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles.

Last year, Discord partnered with Xbox to bring the ability to chat in Voice with friends directly on Xbox as part of our quest to help people connect from their favorite platforms through Discord. 

And, we continue to be the best place for players to talk, connect and play with their friends. When we introduced streaming to players on PC and mobile, we wanted to help recreate the feeling of your friends lounging on the same couch, playing their favorite games and joking with each other, in a virtual environment from anywhere in the world. As cross-play between platforms continues to grow, so does our journey of bringing players together, wherever they play. 

Streaming your game on Discord is a great way to socialize with your buddies. Some use it to show off a new party game to their friends, while others stream single-player games to share their character builds and spread the word on hidden areas. The more hardcore players even use streaming to show off their competitive skills and clutch plays in multiplayer matches!  

At the end of the day, streaming a game you love on Discord is a way to connect and bond with your friends, no matter what you happen to be playing. But this experience has been exclusive to PC and mobile users...

…until now. 

Today, we’re stoked to announce one of the most requested Discord features: the ability to stream games from your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One console directly to Discord

A screenshot of an Xbox in the middle of a Discord Voice call. The player using the Xbox is playing Sea of Thieves in the background, and they have the new “Stream your game” option highlighted, implying they’re about to Stream to Discord from their Xbox.

Now, the next time you get a fancy drop for your character build, your friends can see exactly what it is rather than you having to say “uhhh it’s Orange, it gives 115 armor, and makes my attacks all icy.” Or share what horror game you’re playing, because sometimes you just need a bit of motivation to go down the dark and scary hallway.

Stream to Discord was initially available to Xbox Insiders first, and is now available to all. The best part? We are far from finished, and we’ll have more news to share alongside our friends at Xbox later this year.

For more info on how Stream to Discord works, take a peek at the next section!

Streaming your game from Xbox to Discord is just as easy as talking with your friends using Discord Voice on Xbox!

If you’ve never connected your Xbox account to Discord, keep reading. If you’ve already connected your Xbox account to use Discord Voice chat on your console, skip down to either the “Stream to a Discord Server” or “Stream to a DM” sections.

First, Connect Your Xbox Profile to Discord (If You Haven’t Already)

This is what makes the magic happen. First, head into User Settings > Connections on Discord for desktop or mobile. Within the Connections menu, you’ll see an Xbox logo. Click that, sign into your Microsoft account, and you’ll be all set up! 

The User Settings menu of the Discord desktop app. The “Connections” tab is opened, and option to connect an Xbox account to your Discord profile is highlighted by a dotted circle.  

If you’ve already connected your accounts in the past to use Discord Voice on Xbox, there’s no need to re-connect your accounts.

✨ Congratulations✨ : you’ve completed the most complex part of this entire process. Now for the easy bit: streaming to Discord!

Then, Stream from Your Xbox to a Discord Server

Once you’re all connected, the next time you press the Xbox button on your controller and open the Parties & Chats tab on your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One, select Discord, then scroll to one of your available servers and join a Voice channel. You’ll be placed in that community’s Voice channel. Select “Stream your game” when you’re ready to start streaming.

Final step: enjoy!

Nitro members can even utilize the sweet streaming perks provided by their subscription and Stream to Discord in HD quality, up to 1080p and increased framerates! Perfect for keeping up with speedy racers, showing off gorgeous game worlds, or getting a high-quality view of the puzzle you’re asking your friends for help with.

Or, Stream from your Xbox to a Discord DM or Group DM

Want to stream your gameplay to a DM call or a Group DM? Join your DM call on desktop or mobile, then use the “Transfer to Xbox” button to move your DM conversation to your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One. Once moved over, the “Stream your game” option will appear in the Xbox guide, just like if you were in a server call. 

Not in the mood to stream your game the second you join Voice? No worries — select a server and voice channel where you want to hang with your friends and start talkin’ away. Once you’re ready to stream your game, just hit the Xbox button again and select “Stream your game.”

For the finer details on how streaming or transferring works, be sure to check out either Discord’s Help Center article on Connecting Your Accounts if you’ve never connected an account before, or Xbox’s Support article on Streaming to Discord if you’re all connected and ready to stream your gameplay.

The teams at both Xbox and Discord are incredibly excited about native game streaming to Discord, and we hope you are, too — and we’re just as hyped for what the future holds between Xbox and Discord.  

Xbox streaming to Discord happened because of you, the users and Xbox players, who let us know what you want to see come to Discord. If you’ve got more ideas on how to make Discord even better, be sure to voice your thoughts on our Feedback Forums! We’re always open to your ideas.