Aah, last year’s Discord App Pitches… *deep exhale*… we remember it like it was yesterday. Whaddaya say we do it again? But this time, let’s make it HUGE! We’ll create bigger experiences for people to come together and play on Discord. This time, we’ll bring more of our enthusiastic developer community along for the ride!

Discord App Pitches is making a return, and we’re looking for both Discord App Developers and Game Developers to pitch their ideas for new Activities (woah) directly within Discord using the brand-new Embedded App SDK announced last week.

What’s new for our Activity-flavored variation of Discord App Pitches this year? A whole lot, actually!

  • A new type of App means new submission categories, all designed to show off what’s possible with the new Embedded App SDK
  • Alongside five category winners, one entry will be deemed the Grand Prize winner this time, earning up to a whopping $30,000 USD*! 
  • Since this year’s Discord App Pitches involves creating games or experiences that users enjoy inside Discord, a prototype will be required when submitting your pitch. But don’t worry - you have over a month to start building before submissions close!
  • Power to the people: we’ll have a User Voting period of Discord App Pitches this year! Make your voice heard by joining Discord’s Town Hall to play and vote for your favorite pitch when the time comes in June!

You can submit your pitch any time between April 1, 2024, and May 1, 2024. Jump straight into the action by exploring our Discord App Pitches 2024 website using the big button below!

If you didn’t immediately rush to smash that blurple button with enthusiasm and excitement, read on for more deets about what we’re looking for this time around and who’s judging. You can also find rules, eligibility, terms, and important legal info here.

We’re Looking for YOUR Incredible Activity Idea

Just like last year, we’re looking for App ideas within five specific categories. We’re building games and experiences to enjoy inside Discord with your friends, and this year’s categories reflect what’s possible with the Embedded App SDK:

🏆 Compete: We're looking for game experiences that ignite (friendly) rivalries, test skills against individuals or teams, and bring true pride in leaderboard status. Ideal for those who revel in competition and enjoy pitting their skills against others. 

🤝 Adventure Together: We're on the lookout for gaming experiences that create shared moments and facilitate meaningful interactions among players. Perfect for those who find joy in collective undertakings and making memories.

🎨 Collect and Create: Equipped with elements of creativity and decision-making, these games might have daily challenges, unexpected rewards, and engaging content that keeps players returning for more. Perfect for those who enjoy crafting their own unique experiences and venturing into unknown territories.

Chill: We're keen on experiences that offer a laid-back, stress-free environment. These games and experiences are ideal for users who wish to unwind and enjoy a game without any pressure or high stakes.

♠️ Wildcard: The Discord Developer Platform is a playground for innovation and unique ideas. For ideas that defy categorization, the Wildcard category is open. There are no rules, no guidelines, no restrictions — the potential is limitless!

*Each category winner will win a $5,000 start-up grant and a $10,000 grant for eligible completed apps. In addition to these, one grand prize winner is eligible for an additional $15,000 grant for a total of $30,000 if they resubmit their app in accordance with the Official Rules.

Winners will also receive personal support from Discord Staff to help make their Activity the best it can be once it’s complete.

Check out the full scoop on each category on the Discord App Pitches page. (Did you open it yet?)

Meet the Judges

Your pitches will be reviewed by an ensemble of seven judges, including Discord employees and game developers with dozens of years of combined experience in the industry. 

A collage of the seven judges for App Pitches 2024. The text reads: "Say hello to the official judges for App Pitches 2024!"

Roll out the red carpet and make way for your esteemed panelists!: 

Ann-Marie Harbour, Director of Game Development, Discord

  • Anne-Marie has spent the last three years immersed in the Embedded App SDK helping build Discord Activities. There’s no one better to review your submission than someone who directs Discord’s own Game Development team! 

Emil Kjæhr, Head Of Product & Partners, Funday Games

  • With over a decade in game development, pitching, and even building his own Discord Activity (shoutout Color Together!) Emil’s ready to see how Discord’s own developer community will use their tools to create the extraordinary. (That’s you! You’ll create the extraordinary!) 

Graeme Devine, Video Game Designer, QXR Studios

  • Having been immersed in game design since the 80s, Graeme is currently a Designer at QXR Studios and a lecturer at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He’s a huge fan of sandbox games, where players are given the tools to craft their own stories.

Dustin Clingman, Manager, Product Management, Sony Interactive Entertainment

  • Dustin has been in the gaming industry for over 20 years on both the development and platform sides. With his experience as a founding IGF Student Showcase judge, he’s ready to see what sorts of Activities you create on Discord! Bonus points if you make a Metroidvania-style game. 

Juan Martinez, Principle Technical Game Designer, Discord

  • Juan brings his 23 years in game development to the panel! If you’ve played a Discord Activity before you might’ve experienced his work. He wants to see your innovative ideas from you and your talented team. Hint: he loves puzzles and adventure games if that inspires an App idea. 

Colin Loretz, Senior Developer Advocate, Discord

  • Colin’s role involves living and breathing the new Embedded App SDK and knowing the ins and outs of Discord’s APIs. He loves pick-up-and-play competitive games, so try building something easy to learn yet hard to master! (Sorry, Chess in the Park is already an Activity.)

Zoë Wentzel, Software Engineer, Discord

  • For the last three years, Zoë has been building Activities on Discord. Now, she’s excited for you to take a swing at building your own. She loves games that involve exploration and goofing around with friends — games that are just plain fun

There’s even more to learn about each judge over on the Discord App Pitches page. What’re ya still doin’ here?! Go get building! 

Last but not least: our favorite line provided by Legal last year makes a return! Enjoy some finely crafted legalese about user eligibility:

The Discord App Pitches Program is open to users 18 and older, or users between the ages of 13-18 who provide proof of permission from their guardian in accordance with Discord's requirements, who have accounts in good standing on the platform. No purchase is necessary to enter. Users residing in Brazil, the Canadian province of Quebec, or Italy are not eligible. You’ll find all the rules, eligibility, terms, and important info here.

Go on, pitch your app! Aspiring developers and their teams can submit their pitches and prototypes from April 1st to May 1st, 2024. 

If you somehow haven’t figured it out by now, Discord App Pitches has its own web page! It’s where you’ll submit your pitch once you’re ready and it has plenty of more info and rules about the program, so check it out when you can.

Still unsure what’s possible with the Embedded App SDK? We have a whole selection of Discord-provided Activities that you can try out by joining a Voice call in either a server or DM. See what Activities are available by hopping over to its dedicated blog post.