New to Activities: BOPZ.io

Dive into the world of BOPZ.io, the ultimate top-down 2D shooter, at any time as one of the newest Discord Activities! Join intense 5v5 battles where strategy, teamwork, and quick reflexes reign supreme. Outsmart your opponents to lead your team to victory, or drop into a variety of solo game modes designed to test your skills and keep your adrenaline pumping. 

Ready to squad up? Jump into the fast-paced chaos of BOPZ.io now using the App Launcher and show us what you've got!

If you’ve created lasting memories of playing games and watching videos with some of your closest friends on Discord, it’s about to get way easier to recreate those moments. Now announcing Activities: a way to instantly enjoy shared experiences with friends, such as games and media, on Discord itself.

Anyone in a Voice chat on desktop, web, or mobile can jump in on Activities; just hit the tantalizing new Rocket Ship button and you’re a part of the action. 

Activities are open to everyone! Anyone in a Voice call on desktop, web, or mobile can jump in on Activities; just hit the tantalizing new Rocket Ship button and you’re a part of the action.

How to Start or Join Activities on Discord

Next time you’re hanging out in Voice chat in either a Server or DM call, you’ll see a new Rocket Ship icon right next to your Video and Screen Share buttons. Picking it will present you with all the Activities on offer. Just pick one to get started.

A screenshot of the desktop Discord app. A new button with an icon of a Rocket Ship is displayed.
The new Rocket Ship button is ready to launch (your Activity).  

If a friend has already started an Activity you’d like to join, hover over the Voice channel they’re in and you’ll see a new “Join Activity” option. 

Three users in a Voice channel. Two of them are in an Activity, and a “Join Activity” button is displayed for both activities currently played.
Play all the games! And talk with all your friends while you’re doing so. 

Each game has its own participant count, with some even having an unlimited number of participants. Ever wanted to throw a massive Chess tournament in your server? Then don’t en passant on this feature.

Of course, you don’t all have to be doing the same Activity together. You can all enjoy different Activities in the same Voice channel, or, depending on a particular Activity’s participant cap, everyone can join the same Activity — anything goes. It’s the internet. It’s not like there’s a shortage of virtual chess boards. 

Seven friends are playing a new Discord Activity: Sketch Heads. 

So there you have it: if you just want to chill and play games with your server, you don’t have to make a spreadsheet of game libraries and schedule things out six months in advance. And if you want to watch a video with everybody, you don’t have to all hit “play” at the same time like you’re doing the world’s lowest-stakes heist. 

Now, if you want to kill some time relaxing with your server buds, you can just hop into Voice and instantly enjoy an Activity with anyone and @everyone who’s free.

So let’s talk options...

What Games and Activities are Available?

Key artwork for all currently available Activities on Discord.

Activities can be launched in either a server’s Voice channels or in a DM Voice call. Check out the entirety of currently-available Activities.

  • Watch Together: Enjoy the same YouTube video at the same time. 
  • Gartic Phone: Bring the phrase “sneaky stinky shoebill” to life by drawing it… poorly.
  • Poker Night 2.0: Give your Voice channel that Vegas high-roller vibe. 
  • Putt Party Paradise: Mini golf, mega drama. Now with more levels and new power-ups. 
  • Chess in the Park: One of the world’s classiest board games. 
  • Checkers in the Park: More laid-back than chess, and even more kings.
  • Land-io: Claim territory and become outstanding in your field(s).
  • Letter League: Wow, that’s a real word? That’s a lot of points.
  • SpellCast: Wow, that’s a real word? Also, you’re a wizard.
  • Sketch Heads: Okay, so they’re either drawing a snake or a sandwich. 
  • Blazing 8s: Get rid of your hand first or cry trying.
  • Bobble League: Score goals as the coach of the world’s bobble-est team ever.
  • Know What I Meme: The perfect place to repost the same capybara GIF for the hundredth time.
  • Jamspace Whiteboard - A collaborative digital whiteboard anyone in the call can contribute to. Map out your next MMO raid mid-call or just doodle together!
  • Color Together: The dress was always black and gold, now color it so.
  • Bobble Bash: Collect the most gems while bashing your buddies away from them. 
  • Chef Showdown: “YOU’RE COOKED!” - You after defeating your friends, probably.
  • Colonist: I’ll trade you two wool for one lumber… oops, just built a huge road, I win.
  • Krunker Strike: Rootin’ tootin’ showdowns, wherever you are! (Not cowboy-themed.) 
  • [NEW] BOPZ.io: Bop the other team in PvP battles, or bop ‘em solo. 

Note: This list of Activities was last updated on June 11, 2024.

For the full low-down on how Activities work, repeat after me: "The Help Center article can be found here." (Good job!)

Activities Make Their Way to Mobile

With Mobile support on Discord Activities, you can enjoy the great outdoors while talking and playing with your friends on Discord, no matter where they are. Play Chess in the Park in a real park, Blaze some 8s on your tablet while riding a horse in a fitting Western locale, or be that person playing Bobble League at the concert you paid way too much to get tickets for. 

You can even play Gartic Phone on your actual phone without having to juggle between your phone’s web browser and your Discord call. In fact, you can enjoy every Activity on mobile. Read more about mobile support here.

Finally, Chat for Gamers

Alongside the main Help Center article for Activities, most Activities have their own Help Center articles. If you’re looking for guidance, take a peek at these support pages: 

And of course, you’ll always find us on the usual places: X, Instagram or TikTok. Try making a good ol’ fashioned montage of your sick Putt Party plays and share it with us!