It’s almost time to dust off your backpack and hit the campus library: a new school year is about to begin for many students around the world! 

For people starting up their studies again, Discord has become a hub for building connections, furthering education, and empowering campus communities. Whether you’re collaborating on a project worth half your grade in your newly-created study server, or taking a break from hittin’ the books to get a few games in with your friends, it’s all happening on Discord thanks to a ton of amazing third party developers.

To celebrate Back to School, here are the best study and friendship-focused features, apps, and Activities on Discord.

Apps on Discord for Improving Your Studies

What’s the most important part of school? That’s correct: YOUR STUDIES! 

And when it’s time to sit down at your desk and get to work, Discord’s here to help. Need advice on your next essay? Looking for some motivation to finally tackle all your classwork? In search of tips to help keep everything organized? We’ve got you covered better than an overstuffed backpack with poor weight distribution.

We’ve scoured through the App Directory and Discord Activities for some of the best Discord-owned and third-party Apps and Activities for Discord that will make learning feel like you’re talking to a friend. Even if you’re not officially enrolled in classes, you’ll still be able to learn something new.

Since Discord’s also on iOS and Android, you can jump into some study sessions and learn something new with your friends wherever you go.

Jamspace Whiteboard

When it comes to studying, it’s often much easier to explain concepts visually rather than just talking about them. Jamspace Whiteboard is an Activity developed by Discord that you can launch within a Voice channel or DM call, directly within Discord by clicking the Rocket Ship button! (Don’t know what Activities on Discord are? Read all about ‘em here.

Having a digital whiteboard can be a great way to collaboratively study with your friends and map out anything you’d like. Post sticky notes and move them around a flow chart, collab on a math problem, sketch out a prototype, point to a specific area of text, mark the best one with a star, and so much more. Don’t forget to carve out a portion of the whiteboard just for doodling and academically appropriate gifs, of course. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination!


A preview of StudyLion’s Statistics features. It shows a server member’s studying history and a chart mapping their study habits over the previous week.‍

The hardest part of studying? Just paws-ing everything else to get things done. With LionBot, you’ve got the purrfect Discord companion to keep your entire community maintaining great study habits. 

With the ability to create dedicated studying channels, profile cards to show who’s hit study milestones, and timers to allow everyone to take a much-needed break between sessions, LionBot will become the pride of your study habits. 

Discord Algebra System (DAS)

 A conversation in Discord utilizing the Discord Algebra System app. A user is inputting a formula into D.A.S., and the app has embedded a visual representation of it as an image.

The Discord Algebra System (a third-party app for Discord and not a video game console) is here to provide your study server the ability to display, solve, and graph equations quickly and accurately. It can display what particular equations look like as an embedded image, figure ‘em out for you, and both expand and simplify expressions for when the equation you’re trying to solve is just a bit too lengthy. 

Now DAS what we call a great math app! Bring the Discord Algebra System into your study group for guidance in your mathematical studies.


A screenshot demonstrating the TStudy app for Discord. A to-do list is shown, with one task marked off. In-app buttons for managing a to-do list are selectable. 

When your studying plans are a structured list of things to tackle, TStudy is your app! This particular studying app on Discord lets you create a task list to track your study progress and allows you to share that same tracker with your peers.

Need to prepare for that big exam? Try out its dedicated study timer that uses the Pomodoro method to block off time so you can focus on what’s important. Multiple server members can join your timed study session, bringing the feeling of a cozy library study session to your Discord community. 


An in-server conversation using Memrise. The Memrise app is creating Threads inside a dedicated #memrise-bot chat channel. Each channel has a different role-playing scenario that lets members practice their new multilingual abilities.

Would you rather use a Discord App that helps you learn a language? Or do you prefer to practice a new language with your friends? ¿Por qué no los dos? 

Memrise is an AI language-learning chatbot to help you and your friends speak a language like a local. Use “/learn together” to start a Thread with anyone in your community who wants to learn a language together. Or, type in “/learn solo” to start a private chat with the app, practice your skills, and return to the conversation fluent in multiple languages. 

Whether you’re a beginner looking to practice a new language outside of class, or an experienced speaker looking for new ways to challenge yourself, Memrise is there to help you learn 24/7.

Discord Apps for Connecting with Buddies

Again, what’s the most important part of school? That’s correct: YOUR STUDIES!

Now that the professor has walked away from you while you’re reading this, let’s chat about something just as important as your academic studies: forming long-lasting friendships with your classmates. Or, if you’re abroad, stay connected with your closest friends, no matter the distance.

We all need a break from studying from time to time. In fact, taking a well-deserved break and coming back to your studies will probably help you refocus and return to a better mood for tackling your tasks!


A demonstration of the Cappuccino app in-use. Cappuccino is asking server members what they’ve been up to lately, which it’ll eventually use to create an AI summarization of the answers supplied.

Alongside with your usual iced coffee order, bring a freshly-brewed Cappuccino for all your classmates in your study server! Cappuccino is an app that prompts everyone with a specific question to answer. It could be about how the day was, what y’all have done recently, or anything else you can think of. 

Your server’s answers are called “beans.” Once everyone answers a question, the beans are brewed together to create a summary written just for your community, called a “cappuccino.” It’s the type of cappuccino that everyone in the chat can enjoy at once, and you won’t even feel awkward being the one person who brought a cappuccino to the study session.

Brew a cup for your community by adding Cappuccino to your server:

Gartic Phone

It’s possible you may have already played this game in the past! Gartic Phone is a popular browser-based game that’s also available as an easily-accessible Activity on Discord so anyone on the VC – whether they’re on desktop or using their smartphone – can join and play with the press of a button (the Rocket Ship button specifically).

The premise is simple: Everyone thinks of a silly sentence, then the sentence is shared with someone else who has to draw it. After everyone’s artistic renditions are gathered, they’re presented for the group to be amazed by, (lovingly) laughed at, or screenshotted for eventual inside jokes where you’ll send an emoji of your previous abomination and giggle at it like it was just yesterday.

Color Together

Look, maybe starting with a blank canvas isn’t the way to go every time. Maybe you just want to take a break from studying. Luckily, you can do that together with your friends in Color Together by clicking the Rocket Ship button to start this Activity!

Color Together is a relaxed space to hang out and, well… color! Together! Select a piece of lined artwork, pick a color, and match where it goes in a relaxing color-by-numbers game. Together you'll return the color to the world. Or, ya’know, at least bring some color and fun to the conversation.

Want even more apps for your servers? Find them on Discord’s App Directory (and check out this page if you’re a budding app developer yourself)! Need to start a Discord server for your study group? Use our College Club server template to get a head start on fostering your community. Or, if you’ve already got a great thing going, share it with us on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram