Those vibrant summer days are almost here. Prime time for iced beverages, cruising the city, and my personal favorite: having literally any daylight in the evening. 

Plus, the long days just makes those cool, snazzy summer nights more special. Capture that vibe with our latest line of Discord Merch: the Idle Nights collection

Idle Nights brings the chill late-nite mood wherever you go: euphoric blurple and fuchsia, just like those beautiful summer sunsets. (Or sunrises. Depends on how late you’ve been out.)

Let’s take a test drive through what Idle Nights has to offer: water bottles, lanyards, stickers, and of course new Discord hoodies, tank tops, and shirts.

New Tees for the Summer Breeze

Everyone loves hoodies and shirts. But what do you do when that cruel ol’ sun turns simple, honest sleeves into your own personal arm-saunas? We got the perfect fix: our first ever Discord-branded sleeveless wonder, the Idle Nights Tank.

It comes in either a black or a white version, letting you decide exactly how much heat you’d like to absorb on your torso. But not your arms! Never your arms.

So, your arms are now very slightly cold. Good news! We’ve got the Idle Nights Album Tee and Lounging Tee here to cover about 15-20% of that good arm-meat. The Album Tee features art from world-renowned group BAND_NAME*, and the Lounging Tee perfectly encompasses the mood set by BAND_NAME*’s latest release.

*EDITOR’S NOTE: Start a band before this blog goes live.

Discord Surfaces for the Beach and the Desk 

Fans of rectangular surfaces are gonna love these next items. 

First off, we’ve got the Poolside Vibing Towel. With a design showcasing Wumpus and Nelly lounging (just like you) at what seems to be the world’s longest pool in a far-out galaxy, the vibrant colors are sure to catch the eyes of onlookers. It’ll also keep sand off you. Towels: they’re the desk mats of the beach.

Also, capture the spirit of summer with the Wumpus Mixtape Desk Mat! Memories of your favorite summer jams will come flooding back to you whenever your gaze falls on this sweet work of art, which will, incidentally, cover your computer desk. Desk mats: they’re the beach towels of the desk.

Hydration at Hand with Idle Nights Water Bottles

One of the best ways to fight the heat from the biggest star in the Milky Way is to slake that thirst with ice-cold water. 

Our Idle Nights Water Bottles will stick by you at the pool, the beach, or anywhere else you might need to score a sip. They both hold 32oz of liquid, so it’s all down to which one feels the most you

Or maybe buy four of them, because humans are supposed to drink upwards of 125 ounces of water a day. Is that right? That doesn’t seem right. Then again, this is a blog about merch, not a health PSA.

The Latest Set of Discord Hoodies: The #1 Hit Hoodie Line

When that cool summer breeze ramps up into regular ol’ cold wind, the #1 Hit Hoodie will take care of you. Layer it with the Idle Nights tank to really confuse your arms. Available in Black Zip-up or a Sky Blue Pullover.

Our Newest Discord Plushie Pal: Nelly! 

During one of our old Game Night charity drive streams in 2018, we joked that “if someone donates $1,000 for a good cause right this second, we’ll make a Nelly plushie.”

Guess what? Someone did. So this one’s for you, @woseek.

Nelly joins the collection of Discord character plushies alongside Wumpus and comes with her own collectible tote. Just like Wumpus, Nelly is a very special run of plushies, so if you want one you should grab it fast. Robohamster wheel not included. Or recommended. It’s a plushie.

Preorders for the Nelly plushie are available starting today, with estimated delivery in July. 

Trinkets for Tricking Out Your Things

Complete your look with Idle Nights accessories: stickers, pins, keychains, and the Idle Nights lanyard. These fluorescent hues can cover basically anything your summer soul desires. 

Wear your most important keycard to the VIP party on your neck. Attach a trinket to the keys of your favorite summer ride. Slap some stickers on your new water bottle. Complete the lanyard look with a Wumpus mixtape enamel pin. The possibilities are as endless as the summer.

Summer Sunsets that Soothe the Soul

Don’t forget: our @everyone collection is also available, alongside some stragglers from past events. (Take a peek at this dope Discoture shirt or pull-over hoodie!)  

But fair warning: the hot summer nights won’t last forever. (It turns out summer is not actually endless.) Unlike the @everyone line, Idle Nights is a limited run, and once it’s gone—it’s gone.

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