Hello from the Pride @ Discord Employee Resource Group! With over two hundred members and allies, we’re a collective of Discord employees who gather monthly to get to know each other a little better, bond through fun group activities and events, and sometimes not-so-smalltalk.

This year, we’re rallying together: Discord has joined over 250 companies in signing a statement on anti-LGBTQ state legislation via the Human Rights Campaign. We strongly disagree with recent legislation being introduced in state houses across the country singling out LGBTQIA+ individuals—some specifically targeting transgender youth—for exclusion or differential treatment.

Quote from a "Discord Pride ERG member" reading: "No one gets to dictate what your path, identity, presentation looks like but you! Copy what resonates, create what demands to be manifested."

For the month of June, Discord will donate to our longtime friends and charity partner GLSEN, an organization that works to ensure LGBTQIA+ students can learn and grow in school environments that are free from bullying or harassment. 

GLSEN already uses Discord as part of their charitable work to help connect students with resources and community, and were kind enough to share some of their own great resources, including further education and upcoming projects worth checking out:

  • Interactive Policy Map: Information on the current policy landscape, and resources on how to advocate for positive school transformation benefiting youth in K-12 learning communities.
  • Pronoun Guide: An easily-shareable document created to help anyone learn how to use someone’s correct pronouns — keep it bookmarked for safekeeping! 
  • GLSEN Chapter Locator: A directory to help people locate their local GLSEN chapter within the United States. 
  • GLSEN Model Policies: A toolkit of policies based on what’s working across the country and what GLSEN’s expertise shows will make schools safer for all students, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.
Quote from a "Discord Pride ERG member" reading: "No one was born knowing everything there is to know about navigating queer life. Education will make you feel powerful."

We’ll continue our work with the Human Rights Campaign even after Pride month, creating more impactful moments throughout the year that we’re excited to share with our community later.

We’ve also commissioned 2 incredibly talented LGBTQIA+ artists to create some gorgeous Pride-themed artwork that is now on display in our San Francisco office:

Digital illustration of a long-haired person at a desk, removing a band-aid from their arm which reveals colorful ribbons from underneath.
"What it Means to be Free" by Robin Richardson

“This piece is about pushing back the hateful things we live with, and remembering that we are not alone. Don't be afraid to be who you are, and don't be afraid to explore—that there will always be someone rooting for you, and that sometimes, family is found, not inherited. Representation gives people that space to discover themselves, and to remind themselves what it truly means to be free.”

Robin Richardson is a Glasgow-based graphic novelist and illustrator who enjoys personal projects that raise awareness for mental illness and LGBTQIA+ issues. You can check out their website for more amazing art!

Digital illustration of 15 people on a grassy hill under trees enjoying their day. Some are reading, playing music, walking, holding hands, or eating.
"Untitled" by Shazleen Khan

“This piece is about the importance of queer community; for me, finding a community has been the most important part of my journey as a queer person. The knowledge that there queer people who look like me, who share my experience; that there are generations older than me that have fought and strived for everything we've gained; and hope for generations that will come into this world after; all of these ideas help me feel stronger as a person.

Shazleen Khan is a London based illustrator specializing in comics and narrative work. You can check out their website for more amazing art!

Whether you're a member of the LGBTQIA+ community or an ally, we'd love to have you with us — check our jobs board for opportunities to join the team! We’re constantly growing, and always looking for talented folks across a variety of teams. No matter where you land in Discord, you’re welcome to join the Pride ERG! 

As we’ve said in previous posts, Pride doesn’t end when June’s over. Stay tuned for more announcements and features throughout the year. 

Quote from a "Discord Pride ERG member" reading: "Things may be scary, but try to be brave. You are loved and so many people want nothing but the best for you. I promise."