Hi Players! 

You typically hear from us on PUBG.com or our Global PUBG Discord Channel (drop by and say hi!). Today, however, we're taking over the Discord Blog to share some exciting news: Our iconic map Erangel Classic is back on the Battlegrounds! This isn't just a comeback; it's a celebration of our origins and a tribute to the days of strategizing and triumphing with comrades. 

Reflecting on those early days, did you know that Discord has been our main communication platform with players since the launch of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS? It’s fitting then, that we mark this reunion with special, Discord-exclusive items to give back to you, the players.

How to participate in the Discord Quest and earn the exclusive “The Original is Back”-Pack for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS

From May 14th to May 28th, you’ll have a chance to claim the exclusive “The Original Is Back”-Pack. Here’s how you can join in and claim your exclusive rewards:

  1. Launch PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS: Before diving into the Discord Quest, start the game on your device. You can’t stream the game without the game itself, ya’know! 
  2. Accept the Quest: Use either the Quest bar displayed in Discord when you launch PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS or accept the Quest in User Settings > Gift Inventory
  3. Head to a Voice Channel or DM on Discord: Open up Discord’s desktop app and go to a DM, Group DM, or a server where you feel most at home.
  4. Go Live with PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS: Start a voice call or join a voice channel and click the Screen Share button to stream PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS to a friend. Make sure to select PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS as the application to share; general screen sharing won’t count towards your Quest.
  5. Stream for Success: Stream at least 15 minutes of your gameplay to at least one viewer. You can track your progress on the bar shown in User Settings > Gift Inventory.
  6. Claim Your Rewards: Once you’ve reached the requirements for streaming, you’ll be able to redeem your exclusive “The Original is Back”-Pack in your Gift Inventory.

Psst... Special Streaming Channel Alert! Want to show off your strategic chops? Stream on our PUBG Discord Channel. We've set up a dedicated streaming channel just for the Quest. It’s a great place to display your gameplay and connect with like-minded players. Come over, have fun, and you might just find some new squadmates!

If you missed the Quest the first time it popped up in-app, no worries — you can also find the Quest in User Settings > Gift Inventory

Discord – Our Friend and Helper in Staying Connected with YOU!

Now that you're all set with the how-tos, let’s dive into why Discord is more than just a platform for us. 

Since the early days of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS in 2017, Discord has played an essential role in how we interact with our community. It’s been more than just a platform; it's been a hub for real-time feedback, lively discussions, and a meeting place for players around the world.

Our Discord server acts as a central gathering place where players discuss tactics, share epic game moments, and participate in community polls. These interactions help us gather invaluable insights into what our players think about our updates.

We regularly host exclusive Discord-only events that often involve community challenges, trivia, and tournaments that are open to all skill levels, promoting a fun and engaging environment.

In essence, Discord is not just a tool; it's an extension of the battleground itself! Whether you're sharing a recent victory, coordinating team play, or just hanging out, our official PUBG Discord server is your go-to place for all things related to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

See you on the Battlegrounds, players!