The newest season of THE FINALS is underway as we speak (or, type?), and we’re doing something special with our friends at Embark Studios in celebration of the new mode, map, ability, weapons, and gadgets that have been added!

For the next two weeks, you can get your hands on the Discord-exclusive “Skill Issue” set for THE FINALS by completing a Quest. Desktop players can head into their Gift inventory (User Settings > Gift Inventory) to get started, and thanks to the game’s cross-progression feature, you can use your newly-earned Skill Issue set anywhere you play THE FINALS after redeeming your code. 

We’d tell a whole story about how cool this set looks, but you’re probably itching to get your new cosmetic set ASAP. Alright alright, let’s dig right in.

Earn the “Skill Issue” set by streaming THE FINALS to a friend on Discord

Here’s the objective: Accept the Quest on Discord in the Gift Inventory, fire up THE FINALS, and stream your gameplay in any server you’re in with at least one friend for 15 minutes. (And try and pull off a sick play to impress ‘em, or better yet, invite them to join your team and play along.) 

A GIF demonstrating how to accept a Quest in User Settings > Gift Inventory

And… that’s it! After 15 minutes of streaming, your Quest is complete and the “Skill Issue” set redemption code will be waiting for you in your Gift Inventory! Use your new set as you dive into the game’s new map, try out those shiny new gadgets, and play a few rounds of THE FINALS. 

Simply put: stream cool game while you play it to your friends on Discord, get rewarded with a cool thing in THE FINALS. It’s almost as easy as solo-carrying your friends to victory. 

A user is being rewarded the Skill Issue Set for THE FINALS from completing a Discord Quest

If you aren’t seeing the Quest in Settings or your gameplay isn’t being counted, double-check in User Settings > Privacy & Safety > In-game rewards on the desktop app to make sure you’re sharing the deets on what game you’re playing with us. (We can’t give you your sweet reward if we can’t see you’re playing THE FINALS, ya’know?) 

Don’t delay: The Skill Issue set is exclusively available in Discord until April 16 at 11:59 pm UTC. While the Quest awaits you for two weeks, your redemption code remains valid until May 30, 2024 at 11:59 pm EDT. See Terms and Conditions below. (Don’t forget to claim your code after you finish the Quest!)

If you’ve never seen a Discord Quest before and could use some detailed set-up guidance, take a peek at the Discord Quests support article. If you’re already used to streaming PC games to your friends on Discord, you’ll get it down fast.

Once you’ve unlocked your exclusive reward, share it with us! Take a screenshot or clip, and mention us on X, TikTok, or Instagram! We’d love to see you rep it in-game. 🙏 

If you’re a developer interested in running your own Discord Quest and rewarding your players for playing what they love with their friends, get in touch with us here