Whether you’re into playing games, creating games, or fostering a lovely bit of chaos, you’ll find a home in Discord. For this year’s Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month blog, we’re diving into two unique, creative, and downright magical communities scouted out by Discord’s Community Team: The “Latinx in Gaming” server and Twitch drummer Sunfyre’s own Discord community.

Latinx in Gaming

The “Latinx in Gaming” community is a vibrant space that’s home to thousands of Hispanic & Latinx members in the gaming industry. Their mission is to help “break down barriers to revolutionize the gaming industry for a more diverse, inclusive, and promising future.”

It’s a place where community members uplift and empower both each other and fellow marginalized communities — and they’re always ready to lend a hand. "While most of our community hails from the U.S. with Latin American roots or directly from Latin America, our reach is global,” explains the server’s leadership. “Many members have forged unique paths as game devs, content creators, and gamers. Celebrating our diversity is our pride!”

A Discord-like embed for the verified Latinx in Gaming server.

The server’s celebrations extend beyond Hispanic Heritage Month with three annual events: UNIDOS is their yearly community spotlight, showcasing extraordinary members — sort of like this article! Next is an annual game jam where their talented dev community creates games for a chance to win additional funding to polish up their respective entries. 

Finally, the Latinx in Gaming server runs CONEXION: a virtual career fair linking up their community with gaming industry professionals who offer their mentorship to enhance their skills and careers, connecting professionals for mentorship, and opening the door for community members to speak with recruiters and interview opportunities. Some community members have gotten job offers at game companies through this server-run event.

Whether you seek to find your dream role in the gaming industry or enjoy game dev as a hobby, the “Latinx in Gaming” community has a place for you. Find ‘em in Server Discovery! 

Fyre House

Having a creative outlet for sharing something you’re proud of with your friends can be an incredibly uplifting feeling. If you’re more musically inclined, consider stopping by the Fyre House sometime.

The Fyre House server is the home for Twitch streamer, drummer, and professional Toad impersonator Sunfyre’s community. She’s drummed up a thriving community through her Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram channels, and anyone interested in doing a bit more just watching make their way into her server. “Everyone is from all over the world,” says Sunfyre. “We share different interests, yet similar interests in music and free-spirited outlooks on life.” 

A Discord-like embed for the partnered Fyre House server.

In her server, you’ll find spaces for karaoke and community meetups, encouragement for each other to push further at the gym, and naturally, a #music channel! There’s also a #food channel that I need to stop looking at while writing this article because I’m extremely hungry and Sunfyre’s community makes some AMAZING-looking meals.

As a community leader, she knows how to grow her server in her own way. Sunfyre tells the story of one day when she “dressed up as Toad and started singing Metallica with Toad's voice while playing drums and that video went viral which brought a lot of new friends to the server.” And of course, we’re sharing that right here. :)

If this is the right amount of chaotic energy you’re into, Sunfyre and her server are the perfect home for you. You can hop in the Fyre House in Server Discovery! 

Celebrating Latinidad, Together

We can’t forget to mention Discord’s own Hispanic & Latinx Employee Resource Group, La Cafeteria! This year, La Cafeteria is supporting three local and nationwide organizations: La Raza Centro Legal San Francisco, Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco, and Taller Salud. These three organizations cover meaningful initiatives such as providing high-quality, free legal representation to the Latinx community, improving women's access to health, and enabling all young people to realize their full potential. 

In addition, the ERG is hosting an art gallery in the Discord offices, a Discord-themed Loteria session, and a group food and history tour of San Francisco’s historic Mission District that’s bound to be both delicious and educational! Sounds like something you’d love to be a part of next year? Explore Discord’s currently available career opportunities on our jobs page!