🎶‘Tis the season of spreading cheer and screaming in Voice for all to hear. 🎶

Whether you’re looking for ideas for Discord-y gifts to give to your internet buddies or someone’s asking you what sorts of gifts you’d be interested in, we’ve got a handful of ideas and surprises that can work for people of all expertise levels of Discord!

Gift ‘em the joy of Discord Nitro

Nowadays, it’s waayyy more exciting to gift Nitro to a friend. If you know someone who loves using Discord, just press the Present 🎁 button the next time you’re in a conversation with them. 

For the gifting season, we gave gifting a bit of a much-needed facelift! When you directly gift a friend Nitro via DM, now you can add a heartfelt or silly note to go with your gift. You can also attach emoji confetti and your favorite Soundboard sound to your gift, corroding their feeling of serenity with a good dose of QUACKQUACKQUACK as soon as they open it. 

A winter-themed Nitro gift. It includes a personalized note and an animation of Wumpus drinking frothy hot cocoa with sprinkles.

Looking to spread even more cheer to your Discord communities? You can also send a gift in any text channel, so try dropping a Nitro gift in your favorite servers or Group DMs and see who grabs it! 

Gift ‘em the joy of Discord Nitro…in Amazon’s store

Maybe you know someone who uses Discord but haven’t added them as a friend yet. Or, someone’s asking you what gift YOU want for the holidays but want to share your idea as easily as possible. (...MOM…) 

Now, you can simply point them to Amazon, where they’ll be able to purchase digital Nitro gift cards! Anyone can purchase a Nitro gift card via Amazon, even if they don’t have a Discord account. When they complete their purchase, they’ll be emailed a code that a future gift recipient can redeem on their User Settings page. 

A collage of Discord Nitro gift cards. 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month options are shown.

There are four options for Nitro Gift Cards in Amazon’s U.S. store: 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month gifts. They’re great choices if you don’t want to head straight for the “give me the $100 membership” suggestion. 

You can even add Nitro Gift Cards to an Amazon Wish List, letting you share everything that you might want on one page — perfect for giving a not-so-subtle hint to avoid receiving a can of nitro cold brew instead (which isn’t really a bad gift, but, ya’know…).

Send a Cheeky Avatar Decoration or Profile Effect

This one’s a good idea to give to the already Discord-dedicated. You know the ones, they’re already a Discord member with a color-coordinated profile full of custom emojis and like to add animated emojis in every message they send. 

What do you give to someone who already has Nitro? More opportunities to go crazy with their profile! If you see a Profile Effect or Avatar Decoration in the Shop that reminds you of a dear friend, you can now gift it to them instead of saying “hey, I think you should buy this” and making them buy their own present. 

A preview of the monster-themed Avatar Decorations and Profile Effects from the Shop.

Surprise a friend with some of the newest seasonal items, including holiday lights or a lil’ gremlin dude from our Winter and Monster collections. Or, stick with the classics and give them something from the Breakfast, Fantasy, or Anime selection! If you’ve never seen them wear something, there’s a good chance it’s prime gift material. 

Never seen the Shop before? We’ve got two blogs about ‘em, one about the Shop and one about Avatar Decorations & Profile Effects

Mail Some Actual, Real Life Physical Discord Merch

Help your friends bring Discord IRL by gifting them a memento that reminds them of the place where their friends are at all times, wherever they find themselves in the world. 

We’ve got way more than just the Discord logo on a black shirt — pick from items themed after warm summer nights, “paying attention” in the classroom, monstrous mechas, or just the Discord vibe. Grab a Discord hoodie or beanie for a friend, or help them ditch their potato mic by gifting them an ultra-fancy Wumpus-themed microphone to give your ears a bit of relief in the process. 

A preview of six collections from the Discord merch store.

Discordmerch.com is chock full of Discord goodies, including clothing, vinyl figures, plushies, pins, water bottles, keyboards, microphones, the list goes on… but if someone really just wants a Discord logo on a black shirt to go with their closet full of black shirts, we got those too. 

This is another “gift me this” idea that doesn’t require someone to have a Discord account to purchase, so even the not-so-tech-savvy can send it your way. Plus, we have socks, and no parent or guardian would ever say no to their teen wanting socks.

Write a Heartfelt DM

Your Discord friends might be some of the closest people in your life. You might talk with them every single day, or you might have some friends who you used to talk to regularly in the past but have slowed down over time. But you never know how important your friendship means to someone or the impact you’ve made on them by just being in their lives.

Look… receiving things can be nice. Gifting things can also be nice. This is supposed to be a blog post about buying and receiving “stuff,” but sometimes the best gift is telling someone you’re glad you met them.

So reach out. Just send ‘em a small note that you’re thankful for them coming into your life. It doesn’t matter if you don’t message each other to someone as often as you used to, or if you quickly interrupt your ongoing movie marathon voice call to say it — the memories that grew from being connected with them are what’s most treasured.