Alllll the way back in October, we brought back Avatar Decorations and introduced Profile Effects to help get your Discord profile lookin’ as good as your stylish self via early access to the Shop. Like a new neighborhood restaurant exiting its soft opening phase, we’re opening up the Shop to all!

Starting this week, everyone will be able to make purchases from the Shop on the desktop or web apps and start their collection of Avatar Decorations and Profile Effects, with support for purchasing items on mobile coming in the works.

When you purchase something from the Shop, it’s yours to keep. Nitro members get special member pricing on Shop purchases and an exclusive set only available for Nitro members to use with an active membership.

Ready to shop around? Read on to see how to see what sorts of items are available in the shop and how to grab ‘em below:

So What’s in the Shop? 

The Shop is where you’ll find a wide array of items that help you level up your profile, such as Avatar Decorations and Profile Effects. Once you purchase something from the Shop, it’s yours to keep and use whenever you want, including any limited-time seasonal items. Who says Halloween is only during October, anyway??

Regardless of whether you're into anime emotes, magical effects, or just breakfast food - we have items in the Shop that will resonate with you. We'll also be releasing our newest items - Winter Wonderland! Surround your avatar with snowy pinecones or cover your profile in a set of string lights to bring a bit of winter wonder! And we’re always stockin’ the Shop with new styles, so be sure to poke your head in once in a while and see what’s new. 👀

In the Shop, being a Nitro member is like having a loyalty card at your nearby cafe. Nitro members can purchase items from the Shop at a discounted price, and they get a head start to their collection with an exclusive set of five DISXCORE-themed items to use while they’re an active member.

How to Find the Shop 

The next time your friend goes “have you SEEN that new froggy profile effect??” and you desperately need to drop everything you’re doing and see that frog NOW, use the dedicated “Shop” tab located right under the Nitro tab when you click on the Discord icon on the top-left of the app:

The “Shop” button highlighted on the desktop app.

Alternatively, you can also find the Shop at the same place you edit your Discord profile: directly within Profile Settings. On either desktop or web, just head into User Settings > Profiles. In this menu, you’ll see a banner that says  “Go to Shop.” Select that to explore what’s available for purchase in the Shop!

Currently, browsing and purchasing in the Shop is only available on the desktop or web apps. You can equip any avatar decorations or profile effects you’ve already purchased on mobile, desktop, and web.

If you’ve never worn an Avatar Decoration or Profile Effect before, don’t fret! Scoot on over here to learn how to use them on your profile.

Complete Your Look in the Shop, Now Open to All

The Shop will continue to be updated with new items, including the new Winter Wonderland set and one more before the year ends! If you feel like your profile could use a bit more flourish, take a peek around from time to time — you never know if something new will make its way to the digital shelves.

Think your friend would look good inside a potion jar, or have their icon stuck in a piece of bread? The ability to gift items from the Shop is coming soon, so keep an eye out for when you’ll be able to help your buddies all match with the same decoration and chat as the Team of Toasty Talkers.

If you have ideas for other creatures, characters, or fantastical locations that would make for a snazzy decoration for your profile, you can also shout your idea at us (nicely) by finding us on X, TikTok, and Instagram. Or, decorate your browser with the “Shop Support Article” tab if you need any further guidance.