Welcome, Red!

We’ve been really busy lately launching our Discord Partners and Hype Squad but I had just enough time to whip up this super cool Haiku:

The Integration

That would really make my day

Is YouTube Gaming!

That’s right boys and girls — YouTube Gaming streamers will be able to manage sponsor-only channels by having Discord automatically apply permissions to sponsors. You can even have multiple streamers doing this on a single server for a co-op version.

Choose Your Starter Type

Before you begin your journey, you’ll want to have permissions set up in your server (or at least understand them). If you haven’t explored the permissions feature of Discord, check out this article to get the knowledge.

Gotta Sync Em All!

To get started head over to User Settings > Connections > YouTube.

Once you’re connected, you have the ability to sync your YouTube Gaming sponsors with Discord in Server Settings > Integrations. If you have permissions on several YouTube accounts you will see more than one in this list.

Once synced, Discord will auto create a special Sponsor Role for each streamer account (where you have the Manage Roles Permission). At this point, you can rename the role and manage permissions in the Roles tab of your Server.

Automatic Sponsor Management

Now that you have a proper sponsor group with the right permissions, we will auto-detect who currently sponsors you and manage access. You can also adjust the expiration grace period depending on how benevolent you are.

Now get your sponsors in!

This, of course, makes your sponsors happy too. They just go to User Setting > Connections > YouTube to connect, then hit join on your server! No more monthly emails with new server credentials — just unabated Discord community love ❤.

We hope to help you become the very best that no one ever was. To sync them is your real test — to entertain them is your cause. Good luck, streamer!