Here's the Discord Changelog from March 5, 2024. You can also find the most recent Changelog in the Discord app under Settings > What's New.

Making Mobile More Familiar

  • See who actually posted the thing you looked up. Browsing search results on mobile will now show the name of the user who posted the message—because we weren’t doing that before. 😅
  • Keep your eyes comfy with new Contrast & Saturation Settings on mobile. Adjust how strong the colors on Discord are to make mobile a joy to look at any time of the day. Tinker with these new settings and match them with the perfect theme to make Discord work for you!
  • Unmuting the stream you’re watching works properly again. If you’ve ever tried changing the volume of a stream up from 0 on mobile, it’ll actually unmute instead of gaslighting you into thinking your phone’s speakers broke.

We Got Some New Deliveries in the Shop!

  • Check out our newly-released Elements collection! Fry an egg on your face with a Fire decoration, or tell everyone how your avatar is now moist with a Water decoration. Plus, new items in one of our more popular collections are about to drop soon — you’ll definitely notice it.

Put Your Best Developer Foot Forward

  • Your Apps now look as stylish as you do. Developers can now set an animated avatar on their App’s profile. They can also add masked links to their App’s listing on the App Directory, like this!
  • We did some early spring cleaning in the Dev Portal, including improvements and fixes in sections related to Premium Apps. For the final touch, we put some new art on the walls — aka, new icons!

Extra Bits and Bobbles

  • The time it takes for Slash Commands to load has been slashed. When you type a slash, the command list should load about 60% faster. That’s more time for moderating, playing games, posting images, or whatever questionable antics you have in your Slash Stash.
  • Find more bobbles to battle against with cross-server matchmaking in Bobble League! If you take the “league” in Bobble League a bit too seriously, you and up to three friends can search for new opponents to compete with, without hopping between servers to find players.