@ GDC 2024

We’re back! Check out all the ways you can meet up, hang out, stay connected with us online and IRL.

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Meet fellow devs, game together, and stay up to date on all our latest platform updates.
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Learn how to build Discord apps

Learn How to Build Discord Apps

Join our virtual or in-person workshops for an overview of how to build the next best Discord app for fans, communities, and friends.
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Enter the Activities /buildathon

Up for a creative challenge? Want some guidance on how to code an Activity on Discord? Or maybe you've been wanting to build a Discord Activity for a while but don't know where to start? Join us in the DDevs server for an Activities /buildathon!
Join the Discord Developers server
Enter the Discord /buildathon


Whether you’re joining us virtually in the DDevs server or live in person at Moscone Center, we’ve got lots of events to help kickstart your app & game-building experience on Discord.

Ready to start building?

Launch your out-of-this-world idea. Bring together millions of fans, communities, and friends. Don’t forget to drink water & stretch while you check our API Documentation.

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