Discord Family Center

Family Center is here to support parents and guardians develop collaborative approaches to build positive online behaviors with their teens.

For Parents and Guardians

Discord is a voice, video and text communication platform for spending time with friends and building community.

Family Center is designed to help you learn more about how your teen spends their time on Discord and learn more about the communities they are a part of.

Through a new Activity Feed and weekly email summaries, our goal is to empower families to start collaborative conversations around building positive online behaviors together.

“Family Center provides parents with what they need to help guide their teen's use of Discord without being too invasive. It's like the physical world where you know who your kids are hanging out with and where they're going but not listening in on their conversations or micromanaging their relationships. Tools like Family Center can help parents help their teens develop the habits and critical thinking skills that apply not only to Discord but all of life.”

Larry Magid
CEO ConnectSafely.org

“It is essential that families are empowered with knowledge, tools and resources so they can support healthy digital habits for their children. When platforms offer resources like Discord’s new Family Center, this information helps facilitate meaningful conversations between teens and their parents and caregivers about how to be safe, responsible and respectful online. National PTA will continue to work with our partners including Discord to create a healthier digital environment for teens and families.”

Yvonne Johnson
National PTA President

For Teens

We built Family Center to help you help your parents or guardians easily stay informed while also maintaining your independence on Discord.

Similar to how your parents might ask about the clubs you’re a part of or who your friends are at school, we wanted to make it easy for you to share the same information about Discord.

Building healthy digital habits together is a journey

Discord’s Approach to Safety

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