Transparency Reports

Transparency is one of our core values of safety. This Transparency Center is our commitment to provide insight into the enormous effort that goes into keeping a safe place for all.
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March 30, 2023


Our mission at Discord is to give everyone the power to create belonging in their lives.  We recognize that safety enables people to find belonging, and that’s why safety is one of our most important investments and priorities.

Safety is a collaborative and cross-functional effort at Discord. Our Engineering, Data, and Product teams build with safety principles in mind. Our Policy team takes a nuanced and sophisticated approach to developing our Community Guidelines and forms strategic partnerships with academics, civil society, industry peers, and community moderators to advance our collective understanding of online safety. Our Safety team works with cutting-edge technology to detect and respond to abuse, both proactively and from reports received from users, moderators, and trusted third party reporters.

Safety is a vital priority for our company. Around 15% of all Discord employees are dedicated to working on safety, and every employee shares in the commitment to keeping Discord safe. These Transparency Reports provide insight into our continued investment into keeping Discord a safe place for people to find belonging.

This Transparency Report, our tenth since 2019, covers the fourth quarter of 2022, from October to December.

Community Guidelines Enforcement
Actions Taken on Accounts and Servers
Enforcement Trend Analysis
Information Requests
Intellectual Property Removal Requests
Our Commitment to Safety and Transparency