Imagine a Discord Accessible by All

We believe Discord should be a place where everyone belongs, regardless of how they like to use it. To build towards that mission, we're creating tools to help make Discord more accessible to folks around the world.

Millions of users on Discord are using accessibility features

Whether you're a user that requires assistive technologies, or one that is simply looking for ways to improve your experience using Discord - we have what you need to best fit the way you work, play, or hangout on the platform.

When your mouse is out of reach

Navigate, sort, and organize your way through Discord with a tap of a few buttons

Keyboard Navigation

Accessible Drag and Drop

Discord Hotkeys [Windows] [macOS]

Customize animations

Choose how emojis, GIFs, & stickers behave

Reduced Motion

Automatically Play GIFs

Play Animated Emojis

Look, feel, & audio

Choose how you see or hear content on Discord

Chat Font/Typography Scale

Screen Reader


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