How Building a Discord App Unlocked New Community Growth for Picsart

Picsart is a digital creation platform that offers powerful creative tools and an extensive collection of open-source content, such as photos, stickers, backgrounds, and templates, allowing anyone to design and bring their imaginations to life. Their goal is to empower the creator in everyone, everywhere —  no matter their level of experience or skill set.

Focused on their mission, Picsart turned to Discord (that’s us!) to reach even more creators. They thought, combining a platform that empowers creativity with a platform that empowers people to find where they belong? It’s the perfect fit. 

By creating the Picsart App, Picsart was able to successfully leverage Discord's active and diverse user base and engage with its users in the same place content was created and shared.

Meet Picsart

Picsart's app for Discord allows users to access some of Picart's most popular AI-powered tools, including an AI Image Generator, Cartoon Effects, Style Transfer, and a Sticker Maker. 

The app is available to all users thanks to the App Directory, and users can unlock all the app’s capabilities with Picsart’s official Discord server, plus access exclusive visual content, design challenges, and perks.

When Picsart began building its app for Discord, the team quickly recognized the value of Discord's diverse user base. The Discord user base shares many similarities with Picsart's users, including a passion for visual communication. However, it wasn't just the user base that attracted Picsart to Discord — the platform's robust support for its developer community was also a key influence. With intuitive processes, clear documentation, and a growing developer community to assist with app-building, Discord easily provided all the tools that Picsart needed to create a powerful and engaging app.

The Long-Term Value of Building on Discord

Picsart says that building on Discord has provided the rare opportunity to mirror their community feature, Spaces, on another platform, unlocking long-term user and brand engagement. Developing a Discord app has allowed Picsart’s team to see users create and interact with their shared content in the same space it was created. This end-to-end experience is a unique value-prop of Discord and has allowed Picsart to engage with its users post-creation in a more meaningful way.

Building on Discord Compared to Other Platforms

Picsart’s experience with building an app on Discord has been a smooth and hassle-free process compared to other corners of the internet, thanks to Discord’s lovingly-curated, comprehensive documentation of its API tools. They were able to launch their app in just three months(!).

Picsart, as a creative design platform, was more than up to the task of designing a unique user interface that complements Discord's look and feel. The ease of building on Discord has had a significant impact on the evolution of Picsart's app on the platform.

By providing the ability to respond to user requests in real-time and add new features based on community feedback, Discord has helped Picsart stay ahead of the curve in terms of app development and maintenance — it’s become an essential piece of Picsart's scaled community development puzzle. 

According to Anthony Yacoub, Picsart’s Business Development Lead, "Discord has become essential in our scaled community development. We’ve been able to easily plug into, and empower, another thriving ecosystem of creators, and supercharge the Picsart experience in a new way.”

How Picsart Utilized Discord’s Premium App Feature

Thanks to Discord’s new Premium App feature (currently in closed beta at the time of writing), Picsart has unlocked a new channel for growth by providing new tools tailor-made to Discord. Kerry Greene, Picsart’s Senior Partnerships Manager, shared that "Creating an app on Discord has been a seamless and synergistic experience. Beyond being given the resources and tools to quickly and efficiently build an app, we have the resources necessary to scale it, with Discord invested in our continued growth on the platform. They're really an outstanding partner to work with." 

According to Picsart, they always focus on empowering creators everywhere, and this impacts their pricing view. They believe in offering powerful creative tools at an affordable price, which extends to their bonus offerings like Premium App experiences on Discord. Premium App features have allowed them to provide exclusive content, perks, and tools, giving their app a longer shelf life and driving continuous opportunity for revenue growth.

These features also offer Discord users the chance to try out and explore Picsart’s separate premium offering, Picsart Gold, and its many unique features. By doing so, Picsart is able to attract a new audience to its platform.

The integration of Premium App features in Discord’s offerings brings more eyes to all things Picsart, including its own Picsart Gold subscription. It’s a win-win for everyone involved who’s looking to expand their creative abilities!

If you are an app developer who would like to utilize Discord’s Premium App features, click here to learn more.

Picsart’s Advice for Future Discord App Devs

Building an app on Discord is a unique and easy way to engage a new audience, but like the most adorable puppy anyone’s ever adopted, it requires commitment. 

According to Picsart, building on Discord provided several advantages and opportunities for community building and engagement with users. If you're considering developing an app on Discord, Picsart has graciously offered a few tips for success:

Fill a gap: Have a clear and concise purpose with your app tailored to the needs of Discord users. Your app should translate into a unique experience that helps Discord users through their daily lives on the platform. This could be added support, a new tool for productivity, a fun game to play with friends, or anything else you might think is missing.

Test, Test, and Test Again: Always test your app rigorously before, and after, its initial release. Just because your app is released doesn’t mean it’s “finished”. 

Plan for Scale: Discord has a large and active community, so your app engagement will likely grow alongside it. Be prepared to handle increased traffic and support from the start as your app grows. Scaling properly for that growth is faster for some, but important for all dev teams.

Invest in a Community, Not Just a Product: Communities are the foundation of Discord. Beyond just “building an app”, consider starting up a server for your users to come together in. Servers provide users with a sense of belonging and could be a valuable catalyst for increased growth of your app. (Plus, a support server is required to be listed in the App Directory !)

Utilize Discord’s Robust Resources: Discord's support of the developer community, and its offerings of intuitive plugins and connections for app-building, are a game-changer for developers and brands looking to build on a community-based platform.

By building on Discord, Picsart has been able to easily plug into a thriving ecosystem of creators and supercharge the Picsart experience in a new way — almost as easy as creating on Picsart itself!

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