Connections and Linked Roles

Add more power to your apps by offering ways for admins and communities to engage based on account information
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New features for Discord app developers

Use your app to give admins the ability to unlock new privileges for server members.

Linked Roles

Enable admins to create special roles based on Connected accounts.

Richer Details

Allow users to display richer information about their Connections on their profiles.

Gate Access

Let admins create exclusive channels and perks for users with linked roles.

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"Destiny is best with friends, and Discord is invaluable when playing with friends. Discord's API makes it easy to keep player stats updated in real time, so they can assign roles based on what players have accomplished in Destiny 2. Linked Roles makes running a Destiny Discord server even easier."

Tor Kallon & Water
Authors of Charlemagne

“At DeviantArt, community is of the utmost importance. Discord is already part of many of our deviants’ everyday lives. After integrating Discord into our Subscriptions product, we're excited for an even deeper integration, providing our deviants more ways to connect and be creative”

Tom Granit Ramu
Product Lead

"Roblox players are the fuel to many thriving communities across the platform. Discord has created an environment where those diverse communities can flourish. With Linked Roles, we are able to connect with Roblox communities and expand them even further by offering direct information about the users’ linked Roblox accounts just by clicking their name!"

Julien Kmec
Chief Executive Officer
Edin John Barrera-Peralta
Chief Operating Officer
Peter Marineau
Community Manager

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