Premium Apps are here! Premium Apps allow for more than payment tools — it’s your gateway to a straightforward setup process, seamless end-to-end transactions, smart SKU management, insightful analytics, support for multiple payment options, and a frictionless user experience, all on the platform you already call home.


Earn money through integrated Premium App Subscriptions

Quickly set up and manage app subscriptions on Discord, offering users a trusted, easy payment process with helpful sales tracking.
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Setup is a Snap

Integrating with Premium App Subscriptions is quick and simple - no need to establish your own payment system.

Efficient Transactions

Let Discord handle the details of payment methods and refunds.

Track Your Growth

View sales and trends in your analytics dashboard.

Easily Manage SKUs

Anyone on your dev team can manage your subscription offerings directly within the Developer Portal.

Sell more through a familiar platform

With subscriptions all in one place, your users can upgrade faster - using a payment flow they already know and trust.

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