Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn what it takes to recruit, manage, and grow a team of moderators. Or, perhaps you’re interested in honing your conflict resolution skills when working to keep your communities healthy.

Moderating and managing a community can sometimes mean wearing a lot of different hats. Moderators take on a variety of roles and responsibilities and find themselves learning a wide array of subjects.

We’ve created Courses to put a spotlight on some of the subjects that moderators may be interested in getting a deeper dive on. These courses are a combination of existing curated Discord Moderator Academy content and new course-specific knowledge that aim to add new tools to a moderator’s skill set.

Courses are not meant as a definitive way of consuming the Discord Moderator Academy, but rather as a way of providing further guidance for prospective moderators and community managers who are interested in picking up new skills and becoming more proficient in a particular area of moderation.