Build Games on Discord with our Embedded App SDK

Create rich, interactive Activities that users love. Bring games and other experiences to life directly in Discord with iframes.

Discordat GDC 2024

The Future of Discord App Development

Got a skull-bogglingly brilliant idea for a multiplayer game or experience? Bring your Activity to life with our new Embedded App SDK! Learn how to get started, and check out our funding opportunities.

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The Future of Discord App Development

Access to Millions of Users

Rapid Testing, Feedback, and Collaboration

Instant, Multiplayer Experiences


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Coming soon

More ways for friends to hang out & play? Sounds good to us.

Build and launch interactive experiences inside Discord with our Embedded App SDK

Build Rich Experiences

Harness the power of Discord. Embed your game in an iframe to make it one click away from millions of players.

Desktop, Mobile,
and Web

Ship one game across three surfaces. Let your players decide when and where to jump in with their friends.

No Download Required

Your future players are already right here. Seamless integration means more opportunities to build up your fanbase.

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The Embedded App SDK is easy to use and makes most of the platform’s functionality available to developers. The documentation is comprehensive. We’ve been able to create the app we’ve wanted, and I’ve been impressed with the Discord team’s flexibility, responsiveness, and focus on developer experience.”

Rob Schwartz
Software Developer, Colonist

“When we began this process, we were a little nervous about the challenge of bringing a web application that’s been running for more than a decade to a new platform. However, we were able to get a prototype up and running very quickly, and the Discord team has been fast and responsive to any issues. We’re excited to be meeting our users where they already are – in Discord!”

Riley Dutton
Co-Founder, Roll20

"Building on Discord has been transformative for Mojiworks, giving us the platform for our next-generation social games that we’ve dreamed of. Through the development of Chef Showdown, we’ve validated that belief many times over. The technical capabilities of the platform have enabled us to use our expertise in native-quality games built on web technologies to create new features deeply integrated with Discord for wonderful multiplayer experiences."

Matthew Wiggins
CEO, MojiWorks

“Developing on Discord has been fantastic. The team is cooperative and open to ideas, assisting with technical matters. Their well-prepared documentation and API streamline development, minimizing implementation hurdles. Instant access to our titles on Discord simplifies reaching users. Additionally, Discord's trust lends credibility in players' eyes.”

Samir Taiar
Co-Founder / Designer, Onrizon

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