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“Collaboration is at the core of creativity. By building Midjourney's community on Discord, people take inspiration from the ideas of others and expand their imagination beyond what would be possible if creating on their own.”

Caleb Kruse, Chief of Staff

"Our Discord app lets users generate NPC-style chatbots that can speak. Using a custom prompt, members of our community can “summon” a character with a unique profile image (generated using Stable Diffusion), hold a conversation with them (powered by Open AI GPT3) and listen to the character speak (powered by Replica Voice AI)."

Stephen Phillips, CEO

“The most awesome aspect of Discord is that it is infinitely customizable. The base layer infrastructure is chat, channels, and badges, but Discord's API lets us build whatever we need on top of those elements. In no time, we spun up an app custom-fit to our community's interests. Hundreds now join our daily art game, which wouldn't be possible anywhere else on the web. Great mix of out-of-the-box functionality with powerful custom tools to supercharge the experience.”

Jackson Prince
Community Founder

“We are excited to partner with Discord’s robust developer community to bring reliable, trustworthy AI to the platform. We have always been impressed with the ease of developing for Discord and the company’s commitment to its partner ecosystem, and we look forward to serving its vibrant and passionate community.”

Daniela Amodei
President of Anthropic


Midjourney is a new emerging text-to-image AI that brings your imagination into reality. Over 12 million people are co-creating beautiful pieces of imagery on Discord today.
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