May 15, 2024


Class is in session. As the Stream Professor, EposVox’s passion for streaming, content creation, and tech education is second to none. From reviews to master classes, EposVox makes tech easier and more fun on his YouTube channel.

As it grew, Epos turned his eye to connecting with his audience and fellow content creators.

Thus, Stream Professor’s Classroom was born; a space bringing like-minded content creators, streamers, and general enthusiasts together in harmony.

Setting Your Pace

Like many content creators, Epos can feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of viewers and how to connect with them.

“Even with “regulars”, it’s hard to sustain consistent relationships with people on other platforms. They’re just not designed for that.”

On Discord, he can choose how, when, and where to engage and build deeper connections with his audience on his terms. From quick announcements to deep discussions, reaching his audience is always an option.

“With Discord, you get to facilitate actual discussions that can go on for a very long time, especially with the Threads and Forums features.“

Epos takes pride in the impact that his community has made in connecting his audience with his content and to each other. When people say they're impressed by his server, the Stream Professor has one thing to say: it’s all about accessibility.

“It’s simple: My Discord server was my home first and foremost… It’s where I’m going to be, so naturally, it becomes the easiest and most comfortable place for people to connect with me.”

Creating Deep Connections With Your Audience

“There are a lot of people that have started out as viewers that I now consider fans from connecting on Discord.”

For Epos, building his community on Discord felt natural not just for his work and content, but to relieve the pressure he faces as a creator in a world of choices.

“It’s hard to fully keep up with all of the one-way content platforms you’re expected to be on as a creator… While I try to be active and accessible wherever I can, it just makes sense to funnel as many people as possible to a place like Discord where I can more easily keep up with questions, comments, and discussions.”

In the Stream Professor’s Classroom, everything has its place. From Forum channels full of recommendations to premium spaces for paid subscribers, he’s created a comfortable space to chat with passionate viewers who love tech, streaming, and more.

So, what makes it unique? Connecting with your audience is great, but the Stream Professor’s Classroom takes it to the next level: his members pal around and help each other when Epos isn’t even in the digital room.

“[The server] also gives people a place to help answer each other… Having a place where viewers feel comfortable asking questions and can answer them for each other due to shared knowledge and experience or referencing my other content is huge.”

“It gives our community members a sense of ownership or pride in the community; we’re not another crappy public thread where people insult you or be unhelpful. Most of my server is shaped by my community… and they get to help decide how they interact with each other.”

A Lesson From The Professor

Epos doesn’t create his community alone; he works with his fans to build a space where they want to be.

So how can you do it too? Epos recommends you ask yourself:

  • Why would someone join your community?
  • What would someone look forward to seeing when they log in every day?
  • What can they get in your Discord server that they can’t get anywhere else?

“Since a Discord server is building a community versus just another place you’re posting content, you have to think about it a little differently than just “also sign up here if you want to see even more of me.”

But the question we’re all asking is: is it worth it? Let’s hear it from the Stream Professor himself.

“I think most creators should start setting up a Discord server as soon as they can. It helps unify your viewers and gives them a place to hang out and discuss things even when you’re not live or posting.”

“If you have to move platforms or take a break, it’s so much easier to keep viewers up to date in a place like Discord, and can help with artist’s block or burnout when you can still chat or get encouragement even when you aren’t posting “content.”

Want to see what all the hype is about? Click here to join the Stream Professor’s Classroom and here to learn more about how to build deep connections with your fans.

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