October 12, 2023

Fans to Friends

Building community creates opportunities for your fans to not only connect with you, but connect with each other as well. We want to help you go from Audience Builder to Community Cultivator, so let’s dive into a few ways you can facilitate lasting friendships between your fans, directly on Discord.

As the owner of your Discord community, you’re not only a leader but the common thread connecting your server members. One of the best ways to foster connection is to model the behavior you want to see!

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to be in chat 24/7. Given you’re likely managing a plethora of platforms as a creator, being active doesn’t mean you need to be engaging on every conversation.

Consider taking on  the following  examples of ways to participate in your community while establishing a regular cadence that doesn’t impact your own schedule:

  • Scheduling time each day to respond to your messages and @mentions.
  • Posting a “Question of the Week” to your members to engage with
  • Host a monthly event where you answer questions or collect feedback from your fans

While your community came together because of your content, your fans likely have other overlapping interests. Your Discord server is a great space to get to know your fans on a more personal level, and use what you learn to cultivate connections between your fans.

Creating a channel in your server where community members can share what they love is a great first step. From there, identify common interests of your community and set up “digital mixers” where community members can find time to chat briefly with one another based on these interests. Who knows, maybe your space will create lifelong friendships!

Encouraging connection starts with you — so have fun being an active participant and helping these connections happen! By engaging in conversations and supporting your community, you’ll encourage your fans to do the same with one another!

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