May 15, 2024

Say Hello to Promo Pages, our New Server Subscriptions Feature

Now that you’ve set up your first Server Subscription (you did that, right?), you’ll be able to create a Discord Promo Page to show off your new server offerings!

Your Promo Page is a custom web page designed to help you drive more paid subscribers and raise awareness of your community to those who aren’t in your server yet or have yet to join Discord at all! It’s available to all communities that have created at least one Server Subscription tier.

It’s So Easy to Set Up

Once you create your first Server Subscription tier, you'll be able to easily generate and customize your Promo Page, under your Monetization tab in server settings

Your Promo Page is an easy way to showcase the perks and benefits your Server Subscriptions has on offer that doesn't require someone to be signed in to Discord to view.

Think of a Promo Page as the front door to your Discord server, allowing viewers to quickly and easily understand what they can get for joining as either a free or paid subscriber.    

And as we all know…

More Promotion = More Subscribers

After you set up your Promo Page, you gotta share it with the world! The more you promote your Promo Page across all your different channels, the more you grow your Discord community, the more subscribers you’ll gain, and in turn you’ll make more money! It’s e-z-p-z.

Ready to Get Started?

Promo Pages are currently available for the following Discord servers that have published at least one Server Subscription tier. Server Subscriptions themselves are available for servers that meet the following prerequisites:

If your server meet these requirements, head on over here to get started.

Server Subs
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