January 16, 2024

Migrating your Paying Subscribers to Discord

Have you heard the exciting news? 90% of the revenue you generate on Discord goes straight to your pockets! If you’re looking to migrate your paying subscribers over to Discord, this article is what you’re lookin’ for.

Discord is the place where all of your fans, no matter the platform they found you on, can come together. Your server is your unique space where you can centralize your community — and now you can offer premium options to your fans in the same place!

Below are a few tips and tricks to bring your subscribers on to Discord, to help you centralize your paying and non-paying community in one place!

Keep Your Subscriber Tiers, Make Them Native to Discord

You can create up to three tiers of support directly on Discord through Server Subscriptions, and what your community offers at each tier is completely totally to you. Your Server Subscription can look similar to what you are currently offering elsewhere, or you can create offerings totally unique to your Discord server.

The only difference to your members? Now their payments occur natively on Discord, lowering the barrier for entry for potential new subscribers by bringing the offerings directly to them instead of an off-platform payment and setup.

Incentivize Your Existing Subscribers

Let your “day ones” know that you wouldn’t be here without ’em (which is true!). Providing your existing subscribers exclusive access in your Server Subscriptions can help encourage members to choose to subscribe directly on Discord. A few of the things you could provide access to include:

  • A unique role color
  • A private text or voice channel, or multiple of these
  • A super-secret emoji that they can utilize in the community to show their status

Share with your community the good news; it’s likely your subscribers appreciate hearing that more of their support goes directly to you on Discord.

Discord understands the importance of creators and the community that’s got their back– and we hope our revenue split rate enables creators to do more of what they love. Your tier pricing can range from $2.99 per month to $199.99 per month,  and you can pick any price within that range depending on what the needs of you and your community may be.

You can enable Server Subscriptions in your server today —

We can't wait to see what Discord does for you and your amazing community!

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