October 12, 2023

Server Subs 101: Earning Money on Discord

Do you have a Discord community? GREAT!  

Do you like… money? I BET YOU DO!

Then might we interest you in… Server Subscriptions?

Did you just say SERVER SUBSCRIPTIONS?  

Yes! Server Subscriptions gives you the ability to monetize your Discord server by offering members of your community the ability to purchase a monthly subscription to access unique server perks, and depending on how you set them up, exclusive channels to talk in.

What Sorts of Stuff Can I Offer?

Why on earth would people pay you money each month? Great question… that’s sort of up to you to decide!

You can customize your Server Subscription offering however you want and even offer multiple tiers of subscriptions with different price points. Most communities offer paying members things such as:

  • Access to exclusive Text or Voice channels within the server
  • Premium emojis
  • Exclusive or early access to content they create

The more perks and benefits you can offer, the more you can charge and ultimately make from your subscription. Get creative… but not so off-the-wall that it wouldn’t fit in our Server Subscriptions Policy .

How Much Money Do I Get to Keep from Each Subscription?

Good news: It's a 90/10 split! This means you, the creator, get to keep 90% of each monthly Server Subscription you sell, minus some small processing fees for legal’s sake.    

Ready to Get Started?

Server Subscriptions are currently available for Discord servers that meet the following prerequisites:

If your server meet these requirements, head on over here to get started.

Disabling Server Subscriptions
: If you have not activated any Server Subscription tiers, you do not need to do anything to remove Server Subscriptions from your server. If you have added tiers for purchase, you can delete all of your created tiers and it will cancel the subscriptions from renewing and the listings page won't show for your users. However, you are obligated to continue servicing active subscribers for the remainder of their subscription period. Please note that we may refund purchases to users who are eligible under our Refund Policy. Once the last subscription ends, any premium channels will become regular channels again.

Server Subs
Getting Started

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