October 12, 2023

Server Subs 103: Find your Unique Value

No two people are exactly the same — even biological twins end up having different interests and personalities! Just like people, Discord servers are all run differently, including communities that are based upon the same topic.

Throughout your Discord creator journey, you’re going to have your own unique factors that impact the way you set your Server Subscription pricing and tiers. To help guide you on your way, we’ll run through a couple of questions to help you properly assess your unique value (even though you’re already priceless).

Before we begin, check out our Server Subscriptions 101 and 102 lessons. Once done, return here and get ready to assess!

Is This What My Audience Wants? As the creator, you know your audience better than anyone else, including what type of content resonates with them best. You may already know what they’re passionate about, what they’re eager to learn more of, or what types of stuff they love to buy. These sorts of details can be helpful when looking at your own Server Subscription offerings. It’s great to align your offering with what your audience cares about, so ask: would *they* like this?

To take it a step further, ask yourself: is your premium offering filling a known want? Is it something your audience has already asked you for, or is something that can truly improve their experience?  What’s My Expertise?: Your content, and in turn your Discord community, is a reflection of your passions, which may have taken years to develop. If you are planning to build a premium offering that includes sharing your specialized knowledge, be sure to factor in those years of experience while pricing your subscription offerings.

A Quick Example:

  • I’m a nail art creator 💅who has been in the industry for over ten years and paid thousands in fees to become a certified manicurist.
  • Within my server and its community, I love sharing my experience with my audience by teaching them how to do their nails like a pro.
  • Because of how long it’s taken to gain this experience and the costs that came with it, I’ve priced my offerings at a higher price point than a novice manicurist. members

Have you self-reflected fully and understand your true value? Now it’s time to learn how to price! Our next article has got you covered on all things pricing.

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