May 15, 2024

What is Discord?

Welcome, newest member of the Discord community! We’re so happy to have you. This article is meant to give you the basic rundown on what Discord is all about, and how creators are using it.

Simply put, Discord is a free communication app used by tens of millions of people to talk and hang out with their favorite creators, communities and friends.

For creators, Discord allows you to talk directly with your fans via text chat, voice and video. Given our platform is customizable, you can use your space on Discord (we call them “servers”) to collaborate, get ideas, collect feedback and find inspiration at any time.

While people may discover your content all across the reaches of the internet, Discord is the “home base” where you and your fans come together and connect. There’s no limit when it comes to structuring your server on Discord, so build it with your unique needs in mind.

Let’s dive into three ways we see fellow Creators across the platform using Discord today:

  • Creators use Discord as a centralized hub to connect organically with their fans. Your audience in your Discord community are likely always the first-to-know when it comes to releasing your latest content, merch drops, or other exciting things you want to share.
  • For creators who cover multiple topics throughout their content, Discord can be used as a focused space to go deeper in one category. We’ve seen creators use Discord as the go-to space to collaborate with fans specifically on their upcoming product launch.
  • With Server Subscriptions, Creators can use Discord as a place to provide additional benefits for paying members. You have control over what sorts of community perks you offer —  we’ve seen many creators mainly use Server Subscriptions to give fans early access, exclusive content, or invites to private events.

Whether you decide to make your server layout simple but effective or as complex as a fancy mansion, we hope that you feel the community magic that blooms when you build a space for your community to find belonging.

If you’re ready to start creating your new server, you’ll find all of the details on our Help Center here. We’ve also included some additional articles down below to help you find inspiration for your future digital home.

Welcome to Discord!

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