October 12, 2023

Server Launch Tips and Tricks

Your server has been built up, and soon it’s showtime! Creating your Discord server is a huge milestone in itself, but the details of how you share the big news with your fans to have them join is up to you. After all, you know ‘em best! In this post, we'll be sharing some tips for making your Discord server launch dreams come true!

If you enjoy bringing your audience alongside you for the journey, approaching your server launch from a “Build With” mindset might be the right approach for you. Simply put, the “Build With” mindset means building your server with the support of your audience by keeping them in the loop early on, or asking them to help you with the decision making process.

One example could be having your audience vote on the name of the server itself, or allowing your fans to submit their artwork or ideas for your server icon. As you begin building your server channels, you could even go as far as ask for recommendations for what topics your fans want to discuss. If you’ve added a Forum channel to your server, consider keeping an eye on what sorts of topics people discuss in the Forum and make a dedicated channel if certain subjects pop up frequently.  

“Building With” is a great way to create and maintain momentum as your server . A little support from your fans can go a long way in making you feel assured that your server will be received by your community!

If surprising folks is more your style, then approaching your server with a “Build Up” mindset might work better for you. This will allow you to be in direct control with little input from your audience, mainly because you won’t be telling them what you’ve got up your sleeve!

“Building Up” is best done when you're able to give your audience teasers or clues for what you’ve got in store — try including hints hidden within your content and allow your fans to guess what you’re planning on launching, or when you might make an important server announcement.

If you decide to "Build Up", be sure to start building up hype before your big launch day. This will help your server get the attention of your fans once it arrives and a big ol’ rush of new members will join your community at once like a big party!

However you decide to launch your community, we'll be rooting for you the whole way through! Check out the rest of our Creator Portal articles to help you once your community is live:

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