Privacy Preserving Products

We build privacy into our products and give you control over your experience. Here's how.

How we use your data

Your data on Discord can be used to help us make Discord better, customize your Discord experience, and test new features – but only if you want it to. For the long version of what information we collect and how we use it, check out our Privacy Policy.

To change how we use your data, you can toggle your Data Privacy Controls however you want by going to User Settings -> Privacy and Safety. It looks like this:

Usage statistics

Turning this off means we’ll no longer track how you use and/or navigate Discord outside of data needed to provide the service, meet our commitments to our users, and satisfy our legal requirements. This data includes, for example, the fact that you joined a server — we need to know that to provide you access to the server!We use usage statistics to improve Discord and to make it more pleasant for you to use.

By disabling this setting, your account will be ineligible for feature experiments that are used in testing. Your information will also not be included in server-level experiments such as Server Insights. It will also prevent us from automatically improving your voice quality based on your usage.

Once turned off, any previously collected data will no longer be directly associated with your account — even if you turn this setting on in the future, your past usage statistics are not tied back in. We may continue to use previously collected data to help us understand and improve our products.

If you’d like to further assert your right to object to our processing of your data, email

The nitty gritty: when you turn the flag off, the events are sent, but we tell our servers to not store these events. They're dropped immediately — they're not stored or processed at all. The reason that we chose to do it this way is so that when you turn it off on your desktop app it also turns off automatically on your phone - and vice-versa. This allows us to keep things the same across all of our apps and clients, across upgrades.

Personalization data

Personalization data is used to make your specific Discord experience better for you. For example, we use this information to update and maintain the Active Now section of the Friends Tab and to power parts of Server Discovery.

Once turned off, any previously collected data will no longer be directly associated with your account — even if you turn it on in the future, it won't use any data from when it was turned on in the past. Previously collected data will not be used to personalize the product for you.

Direct Message Filters

Part of delivering a better, safer experience is making sure people don’t see content they don’t want – whether that’s intrusive spam or unwanted explicit images. That means if you have your DM spam filter turned on, messages that might be spam will be automatically detected and sent to a separate inbox.

If you don’t want Discord to detect spam or explicit images, you can toggle the setting off.

Server Privacy Defaults

When it comes to keeping your information private from other people, you can set your defaults to apply to every server, or choose server-by-server.

For example, you can choose to not allow any DMs from server members when you join a new server by default.

If you decide you want server members on certain servers to be able to DM you whether they’re friends or not, you can go to the Privacy settings for each server and change your DM and Message Request choices there.