May 15, 2024

Community Server Features Every Creator Should Know About

Your Discord server is a dedicated space for your fans to connect, co-create, engage, learn — the possibilities are as limitless as your community’s creativity.

Discord has plenty of built-in features to help you create a top-notch server for your fans to come together, and makes the process itself just as fun! This article will cover a handful of features unique to Community-enabled servers that may be helpful for you as a creator.


Whether your fans are long-time Discord members or your new server is lucky enough to be their first experience with the platform, you’ll want to make it easy for them to join you. These three features will help your members feel right at home.

  1. Community Onboarding welcomes new members to your community in a simple, easy way. Create your onboarding flow today! Please note that Community Onboarding is currently available to communities with at least 5,000 members and servers that are part of the Discord Partner program.
  2. Rules Screening allows you to set up rules members must agree to before they can talk, react, or DM others. Read all about it here.
  3. AutoMod helps keep your server clean and safe by automatically filtering out harmful or undesirable messages around the clock. Scale for safety now!


There are plenty of many ways to make your new Discord server work for you. The following features will help your members feel engaged and involved with the broader community.

  1. Announcement Channels help deliver updates to anyone that wants to follow them, including external communities. Share updates for upcoming streams, VODs, or a new merch drop in a place where it’ll never get lost! Build a home for your community with key channels!
  2. Stage Channels makes it easy to engage and grow your community through in-server events like AMAs, seminars, town halls, and live shows. Learn how to get the most out of Stages.
  3. Forum Channels help provide a space for organized discussions where every subject has its own space. Drive the conversation in your server!
  4. Private Threads offer a space for private consultation, perks, or engagements with users of your choosing. Learn all about it!
  5. Events help you notify your members when the next big shindig happens, both outside and within your server. Create Events designed to wow your fans and grow your audience!
  6. App Directory is a way to discover all of the amazing apps to add to your server. These apps can help you add additional experiences into your server, and keep your members engaged as a result! 


Discord offers ways for creators to earn money directly from their communities. These features below are here to help you generate revenue from your community, and you get to take home 90% of the earnings (after applicable deductions).

  1. Server Subscriptions give you the ability to earn money by offering your fans unique server perks or exclusive paid-only channels via a monthly subscription. Learn to earn.
  2. Promo Pages are customizable web pages that explain your subscription offerings and are sharable outside your server. Spread the word of your offerings, even to those without a Discord account (yet!). Build yours now.

Looking for more? Discover even more resources on building a thriving community over on our Community Portal. If you’re excited to keep learning about how Discord can benefit Creators, check out the following articles for you to study up on — no pop quizzes afterward, we promise!

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