Getting the Most Out of Stages

Stage Channels have a unique set of features that let you run organized, audio-only events for your server. The possibilities are endless… so where do you begin?

First, consider what makes your community stay active and engaged.

Here are some examples of what your server might want from Stages and how you can give it to them.


  • Interviews and AMAs: Give your members a chance to ask their favorite creators, musicians, and community figures all their burning questions in an organized format.
  • Hobby Roundtables: While free-for-all discussions are fun, sometimes it’s nice to inject a little focus and dignity into the conversation.
  • Town Halls: Got some announcements or news to share with your community? Don’t just drop it on them and walk away: let them stand up and make their own voices heard.


  • Seminars and Panels: Want to teach a skill or topic to your community? Stages give the floor to whomever’s dropping knowledge while still leaving room for Q&A.
  • Live Shows: If you do a podcast, an actual play, or some other content where audio features heavily, try using a Stage to host a live show for your server. Not only will it be a fun change of pace, it’ll give fans a huge incentive to join your community.
  • Open Mic: It’s hard to overstate the value of a karaoke night, stand-up contest, or member-run concert in making your server feel like an active community. Music bots are a great way to add sound effects and backing tracks!

Personal Connection

  • Morning Coffee: A five-minute Stage event as part of your morning routine is one way to make your server a natural, daily part of people’s lives.
  • Weekly Chats: You may not have enough news to justify a Town Hall, but a fifteen minute weekly chat will emphasize how important your community is to you.
  • Diary Sessions: If you really want to show off a personal side, you might pop in on a regular basis to share stories from your own life.