May 15, 2024

Offering Inspiration

So you’re looking into setting up Server Subscriptions, but you aren’t sure what you could offer… Well, good news: you’re in the right place to get inspired!!

Below are seven types of Server Subscription offerings that you can implement in your community.

1. Sprinkle in Some Bonus Content

Your Discord community is filled with your biggest supporters — they’re first to watch your stuff and are eager to get as much as they can, so why not give ’em more of it!

Bloopers: Whether it’s bloopers or quick clips that were originally left on the cutting room floor, these small moments might just become some of your audience’s favorite memories of your work.

Unedited: However you splice it, you likely have plenty more content than what makes a final release into the world. If you don’t mind sharing things like WIPs or scrapped content, your audience might just love to view it all the same.

Graveyard: All of the hidden gems that never made it out into the world. Your Server Subscribers could bring life to that ten year old clip on your rusty hard drive.

2. Give ‘em the Early Bird Special

You know what they say: the early bird gets the wor-... erm, content! Loads of folks love the idea of early access to your upcoming releases, so use your Premium Channels to make it happen!

A Sneak Peek: Post your content on Tuesdays? Share it on Monday with your Discord supporters. Have your next song dropping on Friday? Try sharing a snippet on the Tuesday before. Build  hype for your content while expanding your premium offerings provided by your Server Subscriptions.

A Taste of What’s to Come: If you aren’t comfortable sharing too much of your content prior to your posting date, no worries — simply share the topic, guest, or any element of the content beforehand to get people excited for what’s releasing soon.

3. Cultivate Closer Connection

Call us biased, but we think community is pretty rad. Use your Discord server to build deeper relationships with your audience by building offerings that cultivate connection and encourage thoughtful conversation.

A Cozy Coffee Chat: Whatever your bevy of choice is, pour one out and start the conversation. Informal chats with your community can help you get to know your audience in a more intimate setting.

Have a Hangout: Whether it’s a karaoke night, a strange music marathon or a book club, hosting hangouts in your server allows you and your community to have fun together.

Run a Live Q&A Session: Give your audience the answers they are constantly gossiping about  in your comments section by hosting live Q&A sessions in your server. Whether it’s hard-hitting questions or silly responses, it’ll all be in good fun!

4. Exclusive Experiences

Creating opportunities exclusive to your paid members can provide lifelong memories that are made thanks to your content and creativity — your server is where it all happens.

URL to IRL: Whether you’re going on a planned-out tour, traveling to new cities on a whim, or scheduling a massive event in a particular location f, consider inviting your Server Subscribers to meet & greets or private recordings wherever you happen to be in the world.

Create With Your Community: Look, we get it — your content creation process may be a special process done in the sanctity of your “studio.” But if you love an audience, use your server as your personal stage. Share your screen in a Voice channel while you record or edit your content, or use a Stage channel to speak to large groups as you get creative.

5. Next-Level Learning

For the creators whose content is centered around educating your audience, bring the classroom directly to your community using your Discord server!

Educational Courses: Turn your content into a time-bound course by guiding your members through a weekly tutorial starting with the basics and ending with your members becoming masters of your field. .

Digital Downloads: Packaging your content can help your audience execute on your lessons in their time. Use Discord’s file-uploading features to directly share individual pieces of content, or put it in a .ZIP folder and bundle it up for your members to download. .

One-on-One Coaching: Want to up-level your offerings? Add some personal time. This can be tricky to schedule, so plan ahead accordingly. Consider opening up a slot on your calendar for a lucky community member to speak with you directly, or implement an additional Server Membership tier that provides virtual coaching sessions.

6. The Latest Merch Drops

If you’re dropping the latest drip, releasing a new shoe collaboration or announcing the next must-have makeup palette, grant your premium members a coveted A-Lister status by doing one of the following:

Discord-Only Discounts: Share a special Server Subscriber-only discount code to reward your members for supporting your server.

Special Signed Merch: Receiving a memento with your name on it can mean the world to your biggest fans. Give your Server Subscribers a special signed piece of merch when they  order something from  your latest drop.

Discord-Exclusive Items: Remember that bucket hat you wore 2 years ago? Have a cool design that hasn't quite been released yet? Turn ‘em into exclusive items only purchasable through Server Subscriptions.

7. Tap Into Your Creative Community

Among your Discord community is plenty of untapped creative potential. Give your community — or your “creative council” as we like to call ‘em — the opportunity to create alongside you.

Try out these two  ways to co-create with your members without overburdening your workflow:

Send Your Suggestions!: Open the opportunity for members to collaborate with you by allowing suggestions for upcoming content to flow in, seeing that certain idea can help reignite your creativity.

Get The Vote In: Torn on what color to pick for that exclusive supporter merch we were talkin’ about? Deciding between two different thumbnails for your next video? Whatever you’re looking for guidance on, your supporting members will be there to help you reach a decision.

There’s no shortage of ways you can structure the benefits provided by your Server Subscription, so have fun creating and maintaining your community, and do what feels right for you! If you're ready to create your Server Subscription right now, click here.

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