October 12, 2023

Server Subs 105: Prepare to Launch

The day is here: you’ve figured out what sorts of Server Subscriptions you’re offering, decided on your tiers, and assessed your value (you’re priceless <3). Now, it’s time to prepare for your launch!

Just like the other parts of this section,  make sure you read up on the rest of our Server Subscriptions articles, including lessons 101 through 104. Once you’ve studied up, return here and we’ll get ready to launch.

Did You Ask Your Audience?: Before fully launching, it may be helpful to ask your audience for their thoughts on your Server Subscriptions. Receiving additional feedback on what they’re expecting from your premium experience, how much they’re willing to pay, and a rough estimate on how many members will join a premium tier can help support a successful server launch.

Starting Off Small: When first launching your community, it’s good practice to start off with a slimmer subscription offering before expanding your perks and tiers over time. Launching your server with just one tier and adding more as you grow is a great way to test the waters without over committing. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s easy to add more options but can be difficult to rollback tiers once your subscribers are used to ‘em.  

Let ‘Em Know About It: In order for your audience to join your Server Subscription, they’ll need to know it, , ya’know… actually exists. No one knows your fanbase better than you do, so make sure you share the news with them in a way that feels on-brand with how you’d talk to them normally.

Change Can Be Good: Whether or not your launch meets your expectations, there’s always room to improve down the road. Approaching your launch with a “testing” mindset opens up room for changes down the road and should help alleviate the stress of perfectionism.

However you decide to launch your Server Subscription, we’ll be cheering you on the whole way through. <3 If you're ready to create your Server Subscription right now, click here. 

This lesson concludes our Server Subscriptions series, but don’t fret: you can find a few of our favorite Creator Portal articles in the recommendation down below.

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